Online Isa & Sipp providers cost comparison table

Below is a breakdown of the charges levied by some of the most popular online Isa platforms for funds and stocks & shares. Click on the broker name to go to their website. At the bottom, we pick some of the best.

Table updated November 2019

The best stockbrokers and fund platforms for an Isa or Sipp


Isa account charges

Sipp account charges

Fund charges

UK share charges

AJ Bell Youinvest




0.25%/yr < £250,000

0.1% £250,000-£1m

0.05% £1m-2m;
0% £2m+

(£4.95 if more than 10 a month)

(max £7.50/qtr for ISA, £25/qtr for SIPP)

Barclays Smart Investor



(min £4/month
max £125/month)

£3 per online transction

£1 per regular transaction

(min £4/month
max £125/month)

£3 per online transction

£1 per regular transaction


0.4%/yr up to £250,000,

0.2%/yr £250,000-£1m

Free over £1m

0.3%/yr up to £250,000

0.2%/yr £250,000-£1m

Free over £1m

£100+VAT annual admin fee

No trading charges


Cavendish Online


£35 setup fee

0.25%/yr < £200,000

0.2% on whole balance over £200,000

0.25%/yr < £200,000

0.2% on whole balance over £200,000

£10/trade (ISA)

£3/trade (SIPP)

£1.50/regular trade

Charles Stanley Direct


£100+VAT, waived if you have investments with CS of over £30,000

0.35%/yr < £200,000,

0.2% £200,000-£500,000,

0.15% £500,000-£1m,

0.05% £1m-2m;

0% > £2m





0.35% < £7,500: (£45 a year without regular savings plan)

0.35% – £7,500-£250,000

0.2%  – £250,000-£1m -

No further charge above £1m

Not available

Halifax Share Dealing


£22.50/qtr (SIPP value < £50,000)

£45/qtr (SIPP value > £50,000)

£12.50/trade (online)

£2/trade for regular investments


£2/trade for regular investments

Hargreaves Lansdown



0.45%/yr < £250,000,

0.25% £250,000-£1m,

0.1% £1m-£2m.

No further charge above £2m

0.45%/yr (max £45 in Isa, max £200 in Sipp).




£5/qtr, plus variable charges depending on Sipp administrator

None. Restricted list of fund families available



£24/qtr, waived if you trade at least 3 times in the qtr, or hold more than £15,000


0.18% < £500,000

0.15% £500,000-£1m

0.05% > £1m

Not available

£8/trade, reduced to £5/trade if you make more than ten trades a year

Interactive Investor

£9.99/mth, which includes 1 trade/mth

£10.00 plus £9.99/mth, which includes 1 trade/mth


£0.99 regular investing charge


£0.99 regular investing charge

iWeb Share Dealing

None (£25 account opening fee)

£22.50/qtr (under £50,000)

£45.00/qtr (over £50,000)



Saga Share Direct


Not available

0.35%/yr (min £8.75/qtr) < £500,000.

No further charge above

£11.95/trade (up to 9 trades/yr)

£9.75 (over ten trades)

£1.50 regular investment charge



£17.49/qtr + £118.80/yr

0.3%/yr < £50,000

0.25%/yr £50,000-£250,000

0.15% > £250,000 (max £250/qtr)

£10.99/trade (£9.99 for ETFs)

£5.99/trade for frequent traders (>20 trades/mth)

£1.50 regular investment fee

Share Centre



1%/trade (min £7.50) or pay £20+VAT/qtr “dealing option” fee and fixed £7.50/trade

0.5% (min £1) regular investing charge

1%/trade (min £7.50) or pay £24/qtr “dealing option” fee and fixed £7.50/trade

0.5% (min £1) regular investing charge




Not available


Best ISAs for cheap funds

Cavendish Online is a discount broker that uses Fidelity’s fund platform, but with lower fees for most portfolios than if you went directly to Fidelity. Charges for an Isa are 0.25% of portfolio value per year for accounts under £200,000 and 0.2% above that. For larger portfolios, iWeb (owned by Halifax) has no custody fees, but charges £5 per fund trade.

Best ISAs for service

AJ Bell Youinvest offers a wide range of funds and UK and international shares. Buying and selling shares, investment trusts and ETFs costs up to £9.95 per trade, plus a custody fee of 0.25% per year, capped at £7.50 per quarter. Funds cost £1.50 and an annual custody fee of up to 0.25%, depending on portfolio size. Hargreaves Lansdown also offers excellent service, but typically works out a bit more expensive.

Best for flexible Isas

Charles Stanley Direct, the Share Centre and IG are good alternatives to the above in many situations (although IG doesn’t offer funds). Unlike most brokers, all three offer flexible Isas.

Best for a Lifetime Isa

The lifetime Isa is a hybrid of a pension and an Isa. AJ Bell and Hargreaves Lansdown are the main options.

Best Sipp for small and simple

Cavendish Online and Fidelity is good for low-cost, fund-based pensions. There’s a custody fee of 0.25% a year, reducing to 0.2% on portfolios over £200,000. This is cost-effective for small pensions as there’s no minimum charge and no dealing fees.

Best Sipp for large and simple

Flat-fee platforms that charge a fixed annual fee can be good value for bigger portfolios. Share Centre charges £12+VAT per month plus 1% to buy or sell a fund or share (with a minimum of £7.5). Alliance Trust Savings is also competitive for large portfolios.

Best Sipp for shares or mixed portfolios

AJ Bell Youinvest, Charles Stanley and Hargreaves Lansdown offer a wider range of investments. They charge an annual custody fee, which is capped for shares, investment trusts and ETFs.