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Hui Ka Yan: the real king of debt

Hui Ka Yan © Getty Images

Hui Ka Yan, China’s richest property mogul, rode to success on the back of a boom. Now there are fears that it could all come to a messy end.

Terry Gou: the fiery gadget chief guns for top job

Terry Gou © Getty images

Terry Gou, the head of a $41bn gadget assembly empire, has stepped back from his role to contest the presidency of Taiwan. Will that disturb the island’s fragile peace with China? Jane Lewis reports.

Ben Silbermann: creating Silicon Valley’s “silent unicorn”

Ben Silbermann © Getty images

Ben Silbermann, who launched the digital pinboard Pinterest in 2010, is not your typical tech entrepreneur. Quiet and meticulous, he has built the company in his own image. Jane Lewis reports.

Hiroshi Mikitani: the visionary who built Japan’s Amazon

Hiroshi Mikitani © Getty images

Hiroshi Mikitani’s talent for trend-spotting has already made him a billionaire. Now he has his sights firmly set on a new challenge. Jane Lewis reports.

Mark Getty: “I’m one of those people everyone hates”

Mark Getty © Getty images

Mark Getty, grandson of oil baron Jean Paul, transformed a small picture library in Camden into a global $3bn business. He remains excited by its prospects. Jane Lewis reports.

Charles Dunstone: Fortunes change for the “lucky idiot”

Carphone Warehouse founder Sir Charles Dunstone © Getty Images

Carphone Warehouse founder Sir Charles Dunstone enjoyed a hot streak of success as mobile phones took off and he became Britain’s first telecoms billionaire. Now, troubles are multiplying.

Tim Martin: King of the Spoons

Tim Martin © Getty Images

Entrepreneur Tim Martin has been touring Britain trying to sell the idea of a no-deal Brexit.

Michael Moritz: the journalist who became a billionaire

Steve Moritz © Getty Images

Michael Moritz was Time’s correspondent for Silicon Valley, but a falling out with the magazine saw him instead create what he had been reporting on. That was a lucrative move. Jane Lewis reports.

Tadashi Yanai: the lazy youth who found a gold mine

Tadashi Yanai © Getty images

Japanese billionaire Tadashi Yanai had a relaxed start to life, but since discovering a talent for high-street fashion, he is bent on world domination. Jane Lewis reports.

David Pecker: tabloid boss meets his nemesis

David Pecker © Getty Images

David Pecker made a good living making the lives of the rich and famous the subject of national scandals. Now, he is the subject of his own. Jane Lewis reports.

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