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Money Minute Monday 18 November: a busy week for company news

Money Minute video

In today’s Money Minute, we look ahead to a quiet week for economic data, but a busy one for company news.

Money Minute Friday 15 November: a big day for the US

Money Minute video

In today’s Money Minute we get data from the US on retail sales and industrial production.

Money Minute Thursday 14 November: will Germany fall into recession?

In today’s Money Minute we get GDP figures from the eurozone – with particular focus on whether Germany can avoid recession.

Money Minute Wednesday 13 November: UK inflation and house prices

Today, Money Minute looks forward to the latest news on British house prices, plus inflation figures from both sides of the Atlantic.

Money Minute Tuesday 12 November: UK jobs, an update from ITV, and a speech from Donald Trump

In today’s Money Minute we get the latest on the UK labour market; a trading update from ITV; and look nervously towards Donald Trump’s speech to the Economic Club of New York.

Money Minute Monday 11 November: a busy week for UK economic data

Money Minute Monday

Today’s Money Minute looks ahead to a week that includes GDP figures, employment data and inflation.

Money Minute Friday 8 November: German trade and US consumer confidence

Today’s Money Minute looks ahead to Germany’s trade balance figures, and to the confidence of America’s consumers.

Money Minute Thursday 7 November: UK interest rates and house prices

Today’s Money Minute looks ahead to the Bank of England’s latest decision on interest rates, plus house prices from the Halifax.

Money Minute, Wednesday 6 November: Marks & Spencer results and eurozone data

Today’s Money Minute looks to half-year results from Marks & Spencer, plus a raft of data from across the eurozone.

Money Minute Tuesday 5 November: UK services sector heading for further contraction

Today’s Money Minute looks ahead to the latest data on the UK services sector, plus eurozone producer prices.

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