Think you spend too much? You’re probably not as bad as this lot

Think you over spend? You haven’t met the Jain family. They have a combined income of £106,000. And they can’t live within it. Instead they spend £2,000 a month more than they earn. On what?

You might well ask. They spend around £50 a week on takeout food. They spend £4,000 a year on their gas-guzzling car. And they spend nearly £1,000 a year on their dog. Oh, and then there are the clothes. Mrs Jain has a wardrobe packed full of expensive gear that she doesn’t wear: look closely and you will see many of them still have their labels on.

Enter Mrs Moneypenny. The FT columnist – and one of my oldest friends – is here to set the like of the Jains straight on money matters. You can see how she does it tonight at 8:30pm in the programme she and I are co-presenting on Channel 4 – Superscrimpers.

And while she has been doing that, I’ve been pounding the streets of London in the kind of extra-smart clothes I don’t often get to wear, asking people about the last taboo – their money.  Some haven’t been keen to chat. Most have been amazingly open. Then again, I did bribe them. Find out how at 8:30pm tonight.