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Location, location, location

It's not so much the house itself that you pay for, as this list shows. It's where it is.

What makes a mansion? I put up a list last time the mansion tax was being talked about. But for amusement's sake, here is another compiled by an irritated London house-owning friend.

You can see why the whole thing makes Londoners so furious. But the list also does a good job of proving the point that you don't pay much for houses, but you do pay (or not) for the location of houses.

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Mansions in London owned by rich, evil capitalists who don't pay enough tax and need to be dealt with accordingly:

Property oneProperty twoProperty threeProperty fourProperty fiveProperty six

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Perfectly average homes in the rest of the UK owned by ordinary people who shouldn't be taxed any more than they are already:

Property oneProperty two(an old favourite, still on the market!)Property threeProperty fourProperty fiveProperty six




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