Hank Paulson and the power of prayer

We post this interesting tidbit from the memoirs of Hank Paulson, who was US Treasury Secretary during the credit crisis, with no further comment. Hat tip to Jonathan Allum at KBC for pointing it out.

“I left the New York Fed before 9pm, optimistic about the prospects for a deal. The industry was doing its part to come up with funding, and I had reason to believe we would find a solution to Barclays’ need for a shareholder vote.

“Anticipating another sleep-deprived night, I arrived back at the hotel exhausted. I went into the bathroom of my room and pulled out a bottle of sleeping pills I’d been given. As a Christian scientist, I don’t take medication, but that night I desperately needed rest.

“I stood under the harsh bathroom lights, staring at the small pill in the palm of my hand. Then I flushed it – and the contents of the entire bottle – down the toilet. I longed for a good night’s rest. For that, I decided, I would rely on prayer, placing my trust in a Higher Power.”

• Former US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson (from his memoir “On the Brink”)