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Global Economy

The charts that matter: the helicopters are unleashed

In a week when all sense of what's normal went out the window, John Stepek looks at what's happened to the charts that matter most to the global econo…
21 Mar 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: that was a week for the history books

John Stepek looks at how the events of a remarkable week in the markets have affected the charts that matter most to the global economy.
14 Mar 2020

Buckle up – there’s a lot more financial market turbulence to come

Markets are having another bad day. And while investors feel the worst effects of coronavirus haven’t been priced in, that will continue. John Stepek …
12 Mar 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: fear takes over

As the US cut interest rates and the markets tanked further, John Stepek looks at how the week's events have affected the charts that matter the most …
7 Mar 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: corona panic breaks out

As the markets finally succumbed to coronavirus fears, John Stepek looks at how it's affected the charts that matter most to the global economy.
29 Feb 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: it’s starting to look a little unhinged out there

Things aren't normal in the markets right now, says John Stepek. Here, he looks at the charts that matter most to the global economy for clues to what…
22 Feb 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: markets don’t know which way to turn

With investors continuing to worry about the coronavirus and the threat of higher inflation in the US, John Stepek looks at what that's done to the ch…
15 Feb 2020
Global Economy

The charts that matter: reverse corona-panic takes hold

Investors seem to have decided that the coronavirus panic was just yet another buying opportunity. John Stepek looks at how the week's events affect t…
8 Feb 2020

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Global Economy

The charts that matter: coronavirus – or a liquidity air pocket?

With the yield curve showing worrying signs of flatlining again. John Stepek wonders what's to blame and turns to the charts that matter most to the g…
25 Jan 2020

Chart of the week: US inflation is worse than it looks

The current annual rate of consumer price inflation (CPI) in America is just below the US Federal Reserve’s target of 2%, but to most people it feels …
27 Dec 2019

Chart of the week: avocados and bitcoin are in sync

An amusing new spurious correlation has been spotted between the price of bitcoin and Mexican Hass avocados. In reality, of course, they have nothing …
10 Dec 2019
Emerging markets

Chart of the week: Kuwait's stockmarket is ready for take-off

Kuwait's stockmarket is due to be promoted from “frontier” status to an emerging market by index provider MSCI next June. That should entice almost $1…
25 Nov 2019
China's economy

Chart of the week: China’s smog index heralds weakness

Smog levels in five major Chinese cities climbed along with house prices in early 2017 and late 2018. Now, it's pointing down.
18 Nov 2019

Chart of the week: US stocks outrun profits

The US stockmarket has become totally detached from underlying profits of its constituent companies over the past three years.
11 Nov 2019

Chart of the week: Sweden's high cost of negative interest rates

Sweden's Riksbank, pioneered the use of negative interest rates after the financial crisis. But its drastic action has driven private debt in Sweden t…
4 Nov 2019

Chart of the week: Norway’s crown has slipped

The Norwegian krone has slipped to a record low of more than ten to the euro.
28 Oct 2019

Chart of the week: world trade growth has stalled

World trade is struggling to recover from the massive recession caused by the financial crisis.
21 Oct 2019

Chart of the week: Dr Copper diagnoses an ailing economy

The price of copper has slipped by a fifth this year and is now at a near-two-year low of around $5,600 a tonne.
14 Oct 2019

Chart of the week: the death of competition in America

The Economist has detected a slump in the number of times the words “competition” and “competitor” have been mentioned in annual reports over the past…
30 Sep 2019

Chart of the week: the seed investments that fail to sprout

Foreign direct investment is supposed to stimulate productivity and growth in other countries by transferring skills, technology and capital. But much…
16 Sep 2019

Chart of the week: America’s corporate debt binge

US households have spent much of the past decade deleveraging. Companies haven’t as this chart shows.
23 Aug 2019

Chart of the week: Argentina shocks investors (for a change)

Investors betting that Argentina had turned over a new leaf were given a nasty reminder of the country’s past this week.
16 Aug 2019

Chart of the week: palladium will lose its lustre

Palladium has gained 70% in a year. It now trades at about $1,530 per ounce. But any escalation in the US-China trade could spell an end to the rally.
5 Aug 2019