How Donald Trump could finally pop the bond bubble

Donald Trump’s tax cuts is a big loosening of fiscal policy. But it’s the wrong time for that approach, says John Stepek. It could spark a bear market in bonds.

SPONSORED: Will Brexit offer more opportunities for UK trade?

Hamish Muress, senior currency analyst at forex company OFX, looks at the importance of trade to Britain, and the opportunities for exported post-Brexit.

Investors are taking expensive risks for little or no return

Investors are paying through the nose for risky assets that offer little in the way of returns. But there are some bargains about, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Trump manages to get some work done – what does it mean for investors?

Donald Trump’s cut in the US corporate tax rate is good news for companies, but what about investors? John Stepek explains what it means for you.

How to prepare for the bitcoin crash

Bitcoin is in a bubble like any other. And when that bubble bursts, says Matthew Lynn, the pain is sure to be felt far and wide.

The charts that matter: it’s all about the bitcoin

This week it was all about bitcoin, says John Stepek. The digital currency’s explosive move higher really catapulted it into the limelight.

Neil Woodford: red lights are flashing in the markets - but Brexit is a huge opportunity

There are “so many lights flashing red that I am losing count”, says fund manager Neil Woodford. But Brexit doom-mongers are profoundly wrong about the prospects for the UK economy.

Why did the crash of 1929 turn into the Great Depression?

In the latest in his series on history’s biggest financial crises, John Stepek looks at how the 1929 stockmarket crash sparked such a dramatic economic collapse.

This week in MoneyWeek: growth stocks and where to find them

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: what “growth stocks” are and where to find them; Britain’s crippling public debt problem; and a cheap way into private equity.

If you’d invested in: Dechra Pharmaceuticals and Shire

Dechra Pharmaceuticals is a drugs company that specialises in the development of medical treatments for pets. Over the next three years, the firm’s earnings per share is expected to more than double. 

Peter Thiel: don't underestimate bitcoin

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and ex-CEO of hedge-fund group Clarium Capital, is generally sceptical of cryptocurrencies. But not bitcoin.

A surprise boost for start-ups

The government’s crackdown on low-risk assets vying for venture cash is good news for small business owners, says David Prosser.

A big boost for dividends

Reinvested dividends account for the lion’s share of equity returns. So it’s good news that payouts are on the rise.

A tremor in China’s bonds

China’s bond market is far more important than the Chinese Stockmarket. And it may be time to start worrying.

Private equity on the cheap

The private-equity sector has enjoyed mixed fortunes since the financial crisis, says Max King. Nevertheless, these two funds are too cheap to ignore.

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