Forget Brexit – here’s the real reason the UK housing market is fragile

UK house-price growth is slowing down and the number of transactions is falling. Some are blaming Brexit – but the real reasons go much deeper than that, says John Stepek.

The man betting $18bn on euro failure

Ray Dalio, one of the world’s richest men, has bet $18bn against eurozone stocks. That’s one hell of a contrarian call, says Matthew Lynn.

Trump’s tariffs are yet another sign that inflation is coming back

Donald Trump’s new tariffs on US steel and aluminium imports will have a serious effect on American business. John Stepek explains what that means for inflation, and for your money.

Inflation or no inflation, US stocks will falter

A combination of combination of slowing profits and rising interest rates is bad news for US stocks.

Goldilocks’ euro-porridge tastes tepid

Nobody has been paying much attention to Europe recently amid all the fuss about inflation returning to America. But last week, it returned to the spotlight – and not in a good way.

Banks still have work to do

Britain’s high street banks are looking healthier, but they still haven’t recovered from their post-crisis hangovers. Investors should think about the risks ahead. Alice Gråhns reports.

Opec and Moscow strong-arm oil price

Opec has joined forces with Russia to mop up much of the oil market glut by agreeing to curtail production.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

Three stocks that will profit from a greener world

Each week, a professional investor tells us where he’d put his money. This week, Ben Goldsmith of Menhaden Capital looks at companies that are helping the world make better use of essential resources.

If you'd invested in: Renishaw and GlaxoSmithKline

Measuring-equipment maker Renishaw has seen profits leap, but investors are sceptical about the prospects for drugmaker GSK.

Warren Buffett: price is now irrelevant

Prices for averagely decent firms have hit an all-time high, warns Warren Buffett.

Pick up this rare bargain

It’s hard to find growth stocks at a reasonable price in the US market, says Matthew Partridge. Here’s one that fits the bill.

Be cautious when seeking income

Mini-bonds are going out of fashion, says David C Stevenson. But they do still have some redeeming features.

Trading on a British obsession

Crowdfunding promises to “democratise” the property market, says Sarah Moore. But high fees mean poor investment returns.

Emerging markets are booming again - here's how to play it

Emerging markets are booming again. David C Stevenson explains how to get a slice of the action using exchange-traded funds.

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