All of us – even the men – can learn to be better investors

Studies show that women tend to make better investment decisions than men. John Stepek looks at why that might be, and how both sexes can become better investors.

Here’s why investors shouldn’t worry about the M&A boom

There has been an explosion in company mergers and takeovers recently. Matthew Partridge talks to fund manager Sue Noffke, who explains why investors shouldn’t worry too much.

Lessons from Tesco’s turnaround

Retailers have it tough, but Tesco has shown that it’s still possible to thrive, says Matthew Lynn.

The charts that matter: it’s all about the US dollar

As the US dollar continues to bully the currency markets, John Stepek looks at all the other charts that matter to the global economy.

Is value investing finally set to see a long-overdue comeback?

Buying cheap stocks – value investing – usually works well. But it hasn’t for a while now. John Stepek looks at what’s gone wrong and asks if it’s due a turnaround.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

The Baltic states: throwing off a history of conflict and communism

The Baltic states’ economies are too small to attract the attention of many investors – but it’s worth keeping an eye on dynamic entrepreneurial markets like these, says Frédéric Guirinec.

Keep the taxman happy while renting your property from afar

Renting out your property should be a good way to earn extra cash. Just don’t forget to pay your tax.

Chinese stocks catch a fever

With the Shanghai Composite index down by a fifth since its latest peak in January, Chinese stocks are into official bear-market territory.

The trouble with index-tracking funds

Index-tracking funds are great, cheap alternatives to their overpriced active cousins. But they aren’t flawless, says John Stepek.

If you'd invested in: Entertainment One and Alfa Financial Software

Entertainment One, home to children’s’ TV favourite Peppa Pig, has seen profits more than double.

Ring up profits with these three traditional retail stocks

Retailing isn’t all about online sales. Here, professional investors Rupert Howard and Ed Klinke pick three traditional retail stocks that they think will thrive.

Chart of the week: the FANG frenzy

The FANG+ index consists of ten tech stocks has just eclipsed the 3,000 mark for the first time.

Rattled investors flee Turkey

Investors’ flight form Turkey, after Recep Tayyip Erdogan won last Sunday’s election, is making a nasty recession all the more likely.

The easy way to back value stocks

Value investing has been out of fashion – here’s how to bet that will change over the long run.

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