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Cash in on cannabis as a new industry emerges

The prohibitionist era is over: countries are rapidly legalising marijuana for medical and recreational use. Ben Judge reviews the latest developments…
16 May 2019
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: hogs high on swine fever

The number of pigs in China, around 450 million, is set to shrink by a third by the end of 2019 as swine flu rages – meanwhile, US pork sales to China…
29 Apr 2019
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Agri-tech: harvesting profits from the future of the food industry

The agricultural sector has long survived by throwing more pesticides, machines and land at every problem. That won’t work any more. Merryn Somerset W…
25 Apr 2019

Britain is running out of water

Drier summers and a rapidly growing population mean parts of Britain will run out of water in 25 years. What can we do about it, and how much would it…
30 Mar 2019

Save on tax and save the planet: put some money in forestry

You can’t expect to find a magic money tree, but if you are a wealthier investor, then adding a forest to your portfolio could boost your returns – an…
21 Feb 2019
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: coffee comes off the boil

Coffee prices have tumbled to a 12-year low, thanks to a bumper crop in Brazil – the world’s largest producer – and a stronger US dollar.
28 Sep 2018

Chart of the week: vanilla is more valuable than silver

Vanilla is one of the world’s most popular flavours, but a dear one. As this chart shows, a supply squeeze over the past few years has propelled price…
24 Aug 2018
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: cheese – the first casualty of the trade war

US cheese prices have crumbled thanks to a glut – the block cheddar cheese benchmark price settled at around $1.54 a pound
20 Jul 2018

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The city that ran out of water

Cape Town, South Africa’s second-biggest city, might soon have to turn off the taps. What went wrong? And is this a sign of things to come for other c…
18 Feb 2018

Are we running out of food?

As the world’s population soars, new technologies and changing consumption habits will be key to keeping everyone fed. Alex Rankine reports.
6 Jan 2018
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: vanilla could soon be off the menu

Vanilla prices have rocketed to a record peak of more than $600 a kilo, after a cyclone in March dented supplies from Madagascar, which accounts for h…
1 Sep 2017

Chart of the week: Trump will spoil the Super Bowl party

America’s Super Bowl, the annual final of the National Football League, is the second-biggest day for food consumption after Thanksgiving.
27 Jan 2017
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: “shrinkflation” hits the chocolate market

Toblerone, Quality Street and Creme Eggs have all been hit by “shrinkflation”, with customers getting less for more after the price of cocoa butter so…
25 Nov 2016
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: bumper harvest hits truffle prices

Heavy rains in the Tanaro river basin in Piedmont, northwest Italy, have led to a bumper harvest of Alba white truffles this year.
18 Nov 2016
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: the rise of the garlic-hoarders

The wholesale price of garlic in China, which accounts for more than 80% of the world’s exports, has risen since 2015 as heavy rains damaged crops. Ga…
4 Nov 2016
Stock markets

US gets relaxed on pot – can investors join the party?

A small San Diego-based real estate firm that plans to invest in medical-marijuana growth facilities has filed to list on the New York Stock Exchange.
28 Oct 2016
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: lobster prices are boiling over

Hipsters’ passion for lobster rolls has helped propel lobster prices to an 11-year high. Global lobster imports were 7% up year-on-year in the first q…
21 Oct 2016
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: America’s butter mountain

Spot butter prices in America hit a record peak above $3 a pound in 2015, but now they are falling. Butter stockpiles are up 52% from a year ago and c…
6 Oct 2016
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: wheat mountain weighs on prices

In 2008, wheat prices briefly spiked above $13 a bushel, sparking food riots in emerging markets. Since then, they have slumped by more than 70%.
2 Sep 2016
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: the cashew crunch

Nut lovers beware. We are facing a cashew supply crunch. Unusually hot and dry weather, a result of the El Niño phenomenon, has reduced crops in Vietn…
19 Aug 2016

Chart of the week: China snacks on peanuts

A surge in demand for peanuts in China is outstripping supply from the top exporter Argentina, sending the price of the legumes soaring.
24 Jun 2016

Chart of the week: orange juice goes out of fashion

Production is set to fall by a quarter and inventories are at a six-year low. That sounds like a recipe for higher prices for orange juice. But demand…
29 Apr 2016
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Land this fish stock

Salmon prices are leaping – which is great news for smart fish farms, says Alex Williams.
8 Apr 2016

Chart of the week: salmon prices are leaping

The salmon market is facing a global supply shock thanks to a toxic sea algae related to the unusually high water temperatures caused by the El Niño p…
1 Apr 2016
Stock markets

The assets to buy now – March 2016

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s our monthly take on the maj…
3 Mar 2016

Carnage in commodities

Commodity prices have hit their lowest level since the late 1990s. And while there is scope for a rally in 2016, an upturn is unlikely to mark the sta…
24 Dec 2015
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: Strong dollar shreds US wheat exports

The soaring dollar is causing a nasty decline in US wheat exports, set to fall to a 44-year low in the year to next June, helping to wipe 38% off Amer…
18 Dec 2015
Soft commodities

How big data will feed the global population – however big it gets

Precision agriculture – a mixture of big data and robotics – will squeeze ever-greater yields from every acre of crop, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
13 Oct 2015

There won’t be a global food shortage, instead there will be a glut

Many people predict a future where there is not enough food to go round, as populations grow. But it’s quite possible we will have too much food, says…
24 Sep 2015

What’s wrong with British dairy farmers?

Dairy farmers are protesting against low milk prices and farmers unions want the government to intervene. Are supermarkets to blame, or is dairy produ…
15 Aug 2015
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: A sharp rise in the price of olive oil

Consumer prices for olive oil have climbed by an average of 10% worldwide this year due to drought and disease in southern Europe.
7 Aug 2015
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Three reasons Latin America will be the next global breadbasket

For a long time, agriculture in Latin America focused on a few key cash crops. Now, the industry is diversifying – and profiting. James McKeigue expla…
3 Aug 2015

The collapse in commodities

The fall in commodity prices has moved centre stage in investors' worries, with the pace quickening in the past few days.
31 Jul 2015

A great bear market in raw materials

The Bloomberg Commodity index, which tracks 22 hard and soft raw materials, has fallen to a 13-year low.
23 Jul 2015
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Profit from strong yields from agriculture: three stocks to buy now

The global food and agricultural economy is undergoing real change. Professional stockpickers Henry Boucher and Edward Bailey tip three shares to prof…
3 Jul 2015

We made a fortune with Cresud – let’s double up on Latin American agriculture

Now is still a great time to plough your money into Latin American agriculture. James McKeigue explains why, and tips one stock set to profit.
18 May 2015
Soft commodities

Chart of the day: Olive oil prices are soaring

The price of extra virgin olive oil has hit a seven-year-high following a bad harvest in southern Europe.
12 Jan 2015
Soft commodities

The meltdown in the cocoa price

Fears over a shortfall of cocoa now look to have been overdone as the price plummets.
5 Dec 2014
Soft commodities

Palm Oil: A storm in a Pot Noodle

Palm oil recently hit a five-year low, but the Chinese demand could see prices pick up.
17 Oct 2014
Stock markets

Find your fortune on the farm

As a formidable bull market engulfs agricultural land, firms supplying farm equipment, seeds and sprays are set to soar. Jonathan Compton tips the bes…
24 Apr 2014
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: Sugar high is wearing off

Rain has returned to Brazil following an unseasonally dry start to the year. That can mean only one thing for the price of sugar.
11 Apr 2014
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: Expect a cocoa crunch

Cocoa supplies have struggled to keep pace with the growing demand for high-quality chocolate in emerging markets.
10 Mar 2014
Stock markets

The assets to buy now - March 2014

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? Here’s our monthly take on the maj…
7 Mar 2014
Soft commodities

Chart of the week: coffee bubbles over

A drought in Brazil has sent the price of high-quality coffee soaring so far this year.
3 Mar 2014
Stock markets

The assets to buy into now - January 2014

Asset allocation is at least as important as individual share selection. So where should you be putting your money? We give our monthly view on the ma…
6 Jan 2014
Soft commodities

A rare hint of value in the timber sector

There's very little worth buying at the moment that is genuinely cheap. But this timber fund might fit the bill, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
29 Oct 2013
Soft commodities

Cocoa prices: A chocoholic’s nightmare

A squeeze on the supply of cocoa has sent prices soaring.
25 Oct 2013
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Reap big profits from the farming revolution

Technological advances are transforming our farms. Matthew Partridge looks into the agricultural sector, and picks six stocks set to profit from the f…
24 Oct 2013
Emerging markets

It’s a great time to buy this controversial commodity

Palm oil is a controversial industry. But for long-term investors, now looks like a good time to buy in. Lars Henriksson explains why, and picks seven…
7 Oct 2013