Investment trusts

MoneyWeek's model portfolio is a simple, easy to manage portfolio of six of the best investment trusts selected by Merryn Somerset Webb, offering defensiveness, stability, exposure to growth, and some income.

Video: Why we like investment trusts

Investment trusts are a relatively cheap and simple way of investing in the stockmarket. Ed Bowsher explains why at MoneyWeek, we much prefer them to other funds.

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What to buy if Scotland votes Yes

Anything connected with Scotland will drop in price if voters choose Yes, says Merryn Somerset Webb. That could present investors with a buying opportunity.

MoneyWeek portfolio: How our trusts have fared - August 2014 update

There’s no change as Merryn Somerset Webb reviews our portfolio of investment trusts.

Why you should invest like a 19th century Scottish jute merchant

Dundee’s jute barons needed diverse, long-term homes for their vast fortunes. And the investment trusts they created are still going strong. Merryn Somerset Webb explains why they are such good long-term bets.

Find income with my eclectic portfolio of adventurous investments

David C Stevenson looks at how to build a portfolio that produces a reliable, robust income, using specialist dividend-orientated investment trusts backed by solid assets and underlying balance sheets.

Want to invest in markets on the cheap? Check out these funds

If you’re planning to put money into the stock markets, investment trusts may be the vehicle for you. Ed Bowsher picks five of the best.

Investment trusts come of age

Thanks to changes in management fees, investment trusts have become almost fashionable. John Stepek reports.

Why you can stay with Hargreaves Lansdown after all. Probably

Good news – investment platform Hargreaves Lansdown has backtracked on its controversial charges for investment trusts.

Could investment trusts be about to lose their edge?

Investment trusts have vastly outperformed their unit trust peers in the past. But they’re going to have to work a lot harder to keep that up, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

A cheap way to invest in British technology stocks

Forget America and Asia, some of the best value tech stocks can be found right here in Britain. Ed Bowsher explains the best way for you to invest.

Investment trusts have never been this expensive – is it time to sell?

As the world cottons on to the benefits of investment trusts, it’s getting difficult to pick up a bargain. So is now the time to sell? Ed Bowsher investigates.

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