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Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak ©  Heathcliff O'Malley - WPA Pool/Getty Images
UK Economy

Spend, spend, spend – think of it as your patriotic duty

After months of lockdown, many of us will have some money to spare. If you do, says Merryn Somerset Webb, spend it.
2 Jul 2020

Many markets are expensive – but there is still value to be had

The wild optimism surrounding US tech stocks may be looking suspiciously bubble-like, but you can still find long-term value.
25 Jun 2020
George Osborne © PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images
UK Economy

Paying for all the Covid-19 demands on the public purse

Everyone wants a bailout. Not everyone will get one, but many will. So how do we go about paying for it all? A minimum tax rate on earned and unearned…
18 Jun 2020
Investment strategy

Don't forget what being a shareholder really means

Being a shareholder means you own a tiny bit of a company and are part of the UK’s vast and growing shareholder democracy.
12 Jun 2020
Queue outside Ikea © Michael Regan/Getty Images
UK Economy

Good news at last – household debt is falling fast

Thre's not much good news around at the moment., But the fact that UK households are paying off debt at a record rate must surely count, says Merryn S…
4 Jun 2020

A thousand thankyous

Welcome to the 1,000th issue of MoneyWeek – we couldn't have done it without our readers.
21 May 2020
UK Economy

Some good news in the housing market

That the housing market is now reopening, in England at least, is good news, says John Stepek.
14 May 2020

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Investment strategy

Where to put your money as the investible universe shrinks

If you had £1,000 to invest right now for a ten-year period, where would you invest it? That's not a simple question to answer any more, says Merryn S…
7 May 2020
Investment trust model portfolio

A new fund for the model investment trust portfolio

After sifting through readers' suggestions, Merryn Somerset Webb picks a new fund for the MoneyWeek model portfoli of investment trusts.
1 May 2020

Bad news for income trusts

There's very little good news around the future of income trusts, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
23 Apr 2020
UK Economy

Looking on the bright side

The great virus crisis is miserable in many ways. But there are glimmers of positivity, says Merryn Somerset Webb.
16 Apr 2020
UK Economy

Markets haven't finished yet

Can the bear market really be over so soon? The consensus seems to be “surely not”.
9 Apr 2020
Global Economy

The same changes are happening, just faster

From international relations to working from home, the coronavirus outbreak hasn't so much radically changed the world as sped up changes that were al…
2 Apr 2020

Navigating a world in which the odd is has become the everyday

In these strange times, everything once deemed unthinkable is now thinkable. But that doesn't mean it is possible, says Merryn Somerset Webb
26 Mar 2020
Global Economy

The financial system gets reset

Things are very much different now, says Merryn Somerset Webb. We are entering period of financial – and possibly also political – reset.
19 Mar 2020
UK Economy

Exceptional measures don't come cheap

Rishi Sunak promised so much in his Budget that's its impossible to tot up just how much it will all cost. That is not a good thing, says Merryn Somer…
12 Mar 2020
Global Economy

Coronavirus disruption will take some time to play out

There are already plenty of obvious casualties of the nasty combination of coronavirus-driven supply and demand shocks. But second-round casualties ar…
5 Mar 2020
Investment strategy

How to vaccinate your portfolio against coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus could pose a threat to your portfolio, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Make sure it's protected
27 Feb 2020

The UK is doing fine

The small matter of the productivity problem aside, the UK economy is doing fine, and should carry on being fine.
20 Feb 2020
Investment strategy

Green investment: from "sensible re-pricing" to full-on mania

Change is afoot, says John Stepek. Everyone is waking up to the fact that we need to do more to protect the environment. That presents opportunities f…
13 Feb 2020
UK Economy

We're near the tipping point for electric cars

Demand for electric cars is soaring soared. And while the switchover will be expensive, we could be near a tipping point.
6 Feb 2020
House prices

House prices have had a relatively quiet decade

It may surprise you to learn that house prices in Wales, Scotland and the north of England are actually more affordable than at the end of 2009.
30 Jan 2020