UK economy

Britain’s crisis in care for the elderly

A government mired in Brexit has failed yet again to address an increasingly serious social issue. Yet there is an obvious way forward that has worked elsewhere. Simon Wilson reports.

Markets are ignoring Mark Carney – but for once, they shouldn’t

Mark Carney has hinted that interest rates are likely to be higher than the market expects. The market shrugged. But if Brexit is even a little less awful than expected, investors could end up wrong-footed.

Labour defeats a Remainer rebellion

Jeremy Corbyn has faced down a challenge spearheaded by his deputy, Tom Watson, for Labour to signal its backing for a second Brexit referendum.

Britain opens itself up to China

But in the case of its embrace of Huawei’s telecoms gear, is that wise? Emily Hohler reports.

Will HS2 survive the spending review?

The future of the proposed HS2 high-speed rail line is on the line as Treasury secretary Liz Truss hints at a spending review.

The Brexit Party: a potent political threat

There has been a surge in support for Nigel Farage’s new venture. Emily Hohler reports.

Grossly distorted GDP statistics need an overhaul

Gross domestic product (GDP) is our main gauge of economic output. It has always been dodgy, but in the digital age we may need to dispense with it entirely, says Max King.

Betting on politics: the odds of a Labour election victory

Political betting expert Matthew Partridge weighs up the odds on a Labour victory in forthcoming elections.

Brace yourself for a Remain recession

Britain is staying in the EU until at least October – maybe forever, says Matthew Lynn. That spells economic disaster.

We’ll Bremain until Halloween

What happens in the meantime? We watch a few more horror shows. Stuart Watkins reports.

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