UK economy

Duck the buy-to-let tax change

Using a limited company means higher-rate taxpayers can still get full tax relief on mortgage interest, says Emma Lunn.

CYBG's big bid for Virgin Money

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank is aiming to snap up Virgin Money. Will the merged firm be more of a threat to the big banks? Alice Gråhns reports.

Stop building on England’s green and pleasant land

Theresa May recently announced a major overhaul to the National Planning Policy Framework to “deliver the homes the country needs”. If only it were that simple, says Emily Hohler.

Reasonable ideas and unkeepable promises

Making the over-65s pay national insurance is a sensible idea, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Promising the young a £10,000 lump sum isn’t.

The weakest link in the UK housing market right now

With house prices down 3.1% in April, the UK housing market is looking weaker than it has for a long time. John Stepek explains why, and asks what’s next.

Theresa May’s Brexit is like “being trapped on a burning platform”

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock explains why is his preferred option for Brexit is a deal that keeps the UK in the EEA.

Expect these five mega-deals next

The Sainsbury’s-Asda merger was a surprise, but the reasoning behind it is sound, says Matthew Lynn. More are on the way.

TSB’s computer meltdown

Five million TSB customers were locked out of their accounts after the bank botched an IT upgrade. The incident wasn’t the first banking IT fiasco, and it won’t be the last, says Ben Judge.

How the left-behind took back control in Preston

Austerity and the Brexit referendum opened up a political space where things could be done differently. But are Labour’s plans a move in the right direction? Stuart Watkins reports.

Betting on politics: the hottest markets

Jacob Rees-Mogg is the bookies’ favourite to succeed Theresa May as prime minister, says Matthew Partridge.

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