UK economy

Time to break some taboos

A new centrist party could breathe some fresh air into stale debates – and give the economy a boost too.

Betting on politics: the Newport West by-election

The Independent Group is hogging the headlines, says Matthew Partridge. But for punters, the Newport West by-election offers a better bet.

Honda closes factory – is Brexit to blame?

Brexit and global manufacturing trends are proving to be a double whammy for car factory workers in Britain.

Labour does the splits

Seven Labour centrists and Remainers have jumped Corbyn’s far-left Brexit ship. Emily Hohler reports.

This is not an easy environment to invest in

The global economy gives. The global economy takes away. Make sure your portfolio is set up to deal with it all.

Want to understand the European Union? Start with Vichy France

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist Bernard Connolly about Brexit, the true nature of the EU project, and what’s gone wrong with global capitalism.

What's behind the rise of populism in Europe?

“Populism” – on the left and the right – is on the march in Europe, and the establishment looks vulnerable in May’s elections to the European Parliament. What happens next?

Good news all round – but can it continue?

Wages are rising, inflation is falling, and homes are getting more affordable. John Stepek wonders how long all this good news can last.

Betting on politics: the race for London mayor

It’s 15 months before the next London mayoral election, due to be held in May 2020, and already both the bookies and the betting exchanges are starting to offer some markets on the poll.

Data: Britain’s oil gusher

Britain is the Saudi Arabia of the data economy, says Matthew Lynn. It can thrive outside the European Union.

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