UK economy

Why it’s right to shut the gates

Free movement has harmed low-skilled British workers, says Matthew Lynn. Brexit is a chance to fix the system.

Navigating interest-rate rises

Loose monetary policy has driven investors to take unnecessary risks, says John Stepek. The tightening process may be ugly.

May beats a tactical retreat

The government wins key Brexit votes, but at what cost? Matthew Partridge reports.

This is no high street horror show – it’s just capitalism at work

There’s talk of a “bloodbath” on the high street as retail chains go bust. But those going under are failing to adapt, says John Stepek. Those that do will thrive.

Immigrants welcome again

Sajid Javid is signalling change on migration policy. Matthew Partridge reports.

Let’s hope the gentle slowdown in house prices continues for a long time

UK house prices fell in May and are flat in real terms over the last year. That’s a good thing, says John Stepek – for homebuyers and the wider economy.

Britain should woo bitcoin boosters

The City is missing a trick, says Matthew Lynn. London is the natural home for the growing cryptocurrency industry.

No preparations for no-deal Brexit

The government’s preparations for a “no-deal” Brexit in March 2019 have largely ground to a halt.

The NHS must get fitter

But does that mean more money? And who will pay? Matthew Partridge reports.

Prepare your portfolio for the return of inflation

Investors have enjoyed unusually favourable markets since the global financial crisis, but inflation and interest rates are heading up. How should we protect our wealth now? Matthew Partridge reports.

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