UK economy

How the free market created the greatest arts festival in the world

Dominic Frisby explains how the Edinburgh Festival Fringe grew in a manner Adam Smith would be proud of into the biggest arts festival in the world.

How Brexit will save the United Kingdom

Leaving the EU should strengthen the United Kingdom – a multinational union Europe can only aspire to. Alex Carew, a London-based fund manager and economic historian, explains how.

What will Boris Johnson do in his first 100 days?

Boris Johnson, Britain’s new PM, has promised to cut taxes and boost spending. Is that likely? Matthew Partridge reports.

Boris Johnson has made one thing clear – it’s Brexit or bust

Boris Johnson is not for messing around. He’s taking Brexit seriously. John Stepek looks at his options, and what it all means for the markets.

A job for the next chancellor: abolish the pensions annual allowance taper

The government is consulting on the pensions annual allowance taper that is wreaking havoc in the NHS. Much better would be to simply abolish it, says Merryn Somerset Webb. And not just for the NHS.

Boris Johnson is the new prime minister: so what happens now?

With Boris Johnson confirmed as Britain’s new prime minister, John Stepek looks at what he might do with his new-found power.

The three planks of Boris-onomics

Boris Johnson, our new PM, will have to act fast to put Britain back on its feet, say Matthew Lynn.

Boris Johnson and the irresistible rise of “cakeism”

But will dabblers in it meet with a sticky end? Emily Hohler reports.

A post-Brexit spending boost is entirely justifiable

Strident pessimism over a no-deal Brexit is creating the ideal conditions for Keynesian stimulus, says Bernard Connolly.

Why markets are suddenly terrified that Britain is heading for No Deal Brexit

The truth is dawning on the markets that, with Boris Johnson as prime minister, we are heading for a No Deal Brexit whether we like it or not.

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