UK economy

The economics of putting on an Edinburgh Fringe show

The Edinburgh Fringe may be a barrel of laughs, but the economics of putting on a show is serious business. Fringe performer Dominic Frisby counts the pennies.

What happens if we end up with a no-deal Brexit

There’s talk of chaos and the need to stockpile food and medicines – but what would really happen if Britain crashes out of the EU without a trade deal? Simon Wilson reports.

Climate change: on course for “Hothouse Earth”

An alarming report warns that climate change threatens mankind’s existence. Emily Hohler reports.

Make Big Pharma great again

Britain’s big drug companies lead the world, but they are stagnating, says Matthew Lynn. Time for a shake-up.

A whole generation is about to learn that interest rates don’t just go down

Interest rates may have risen, but they’re still lower than at virtually any time in history. The only way is up, says John Stepek. Here’s what that means for you.

EU says “non” to Brexit deal

The EU’s chief negotiator has rejected May’s plans. A fudge is on the cards. Emily Hohler reports.

Yet more red tape will strangle growth

New rules to give workers a say sound sensible, says Matthew Lynn. But public companies are already overburdened.

The war on pot has failed – so should we legalise cannabis?

Cannabis is legal in Canada and several US states. Now England’s chief medical officer wants to loosen restrictions on medical marijuana. The tide is turning in favour of liberalisation, says Alex Rankine

A hard Brexit by accident

The risks of leaving the EU with no deal are growing. Matthew Partridge reports.

Cheap labour, not the lifestyle economy, is damaging the UK’s productivity growth

The UK may have a larger “lifestyle economy” than many countries, but that’s not why our productivity growth is worse than that of other developed nations.

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