Opec mops up the oil glut

The members of Opec, the oil exporters’ cartel, agreed to “extend-and-maybe-amend” their output deal.

Chart of the week: the big screen makes a small comeback

The year 1984 marked the trough for cinemas, with 54 million tickets sold. Now, sofas and food are spurring a revival.

Trump’s tax cuts for the rich

This week the Senate finally passed the controversial Republican tax plan that could benefit the already wealthy.

Germany cobbles together another coalition

Another “grand coalition” between the SPD and CDU/CSU in Germany is looking likely.

Betting on politics: A good week for predictions

Matthew Partridge casts an eye back over his most recent bets on politics.

Irish border blocks Brexit progress

The already difficult Brexit talks were thrown into chaos this week over the Irish border.

Labour in crisis: Momentum’s massacre of the moderates

Momentum continues to move Labour over to the hard-left.

Rates relief for smaller businesses

Many smaller companies will pay less in business rates than expected next year, thanks to a last-minute concession announced in the Budget.

The world’s greatest investors: Sarah Whitley

Sarah Whitley considers herself to be a flexible fund manager. However, smost of her successes have been from buying secular growth stocks

Trouble lies ahead in the markets

There are many signals knocking around in the markets that should make you nervous, says Merryn Somerset Webb. There is almost definitely trouble ahead.

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