Europe’s economy

Trump delays EU tariffs at the 11th hour

The threat of a US trade war hangs over Europe for another month, says Matthew Partridge.

Europe takes a breather as economic growth slows

The eurozone’s strong economic recovery was one of the unexpected good news stories of 2017. But the pace of growth has slowed.

The Brexit battleground

Theresa May faces powerful opposing pressures over the customs union. Emily Hohler reports.

Former top civil servant: Theresa May's “fantasist” Brexit plan would cost £615m a week

Former Cabinet Office chief economist Professor Jonathan Portes believes a bespoke deal along lines that Theresa May outlined in March would cost the UK economy £615m a week.

The charts that matter: inflation fears come creeping back

As inflation rears its ugly head again, John Stepek looks at what the charts can tell us about the way the global economy could be heading.

Macron’s plea for EU reform

Germany may frustrate the French leader’s ambitions. Matthew Partridge reports.

Angel investor: Theresa May’s bespoke Brexit plan is “a big mistake”

The government’s desire for a bespoke Brexit, rather than one based on an existing model, is a “big mistake” says Joe Zammit-Lucia, angel investor and head of think tank Radix.

The one investment that might be hit hard by the war in Syria

As terrible as the war in Syria is, it shouldn’t affect too much how you invest, says John Stepek – except for this one investment.

Macron’s medicine for France

French president Emmanuel Macron gears up to take on the rail unions.

Hitting Russia where it hurts

The piling up of sanctions against Moscow is making it difficult for Russian firms to operate, says John Stepek.

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