Europe’s economy

Iceland’s deep freeze – and thaw

Tourism in Iceland © Getty images

Once a sleepy backwater, the country embraced the credit boom with gusto. Then came the crunch. Ten years on, the economy is back on its feet and its prospects look good, says Simon Wilson.

Why the Italian election results are unlikely to matter to Brexit

Italy’s recent election proved a successful one for Euro-sceptic parties. Matthew Partridge talks to Italian economist Lorenzo Codogno to find out what – if anything – it means for Brexit.

Betting on politics: Italy throws a surprise

My predictions regarding the Italian elections at the weekend went poorly, says Matthew Partridge. But there was better news in Germany.

The PM comes clean on Brexit

Theresa May is finally confronting the hard truths of leaving the EU. Matthew Partridge reports.

The clowns move in: what Italy’s dysfunction means for investors

Italy’s politics have long been an international joke – but after an exceptionally farcical election at a difficult time, that joke isn’t funny any more, say Frédéric Guirinec and Cris Sholto Heaton.

The golden age of central banking is nearly over. What happens now?

Since the financial crisis, central bankers, not politicians, have been in charge of developed-world economies. But that’s starting to change, says John Stepek. Here’s what it means for you.

Why Europe’s strongman may wobble

Viktor Orban’s policies have raised fears about the future of democracy in Hungary, but voters like his handling of the economy. Frédéric Guirinec reports.

Betting on politics: Italy's election

With the Italian election coming up at the start of March, Matthew Partridge looks at who the bookies expect to win.

Forget the Italian election – here’s the eurozone power shift you really need to fear

ECB boss Mario Draghi steps down next year. Who takes over, and how the transition is handled, will be crucial to the future of the eurozone, says John Stepek.

A nightmare scenario for the eurozone

Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement is on course to be the biggest party in an Italian hung parliament.

Tim Martin: leave the EU tomorrow

Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin has been a vocal supporter of a hard Brexit. Here, he tells Matthew Partridge about his vision for Britain.

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