Europe’s economy

Brexit: no vision, no strategy, no idea

Retired diplomat Lord David Hannay helped negotiate Britain’s entry to the EU. Matthew Partridge finds out what he thinks about the government’s approach to our exit.

Brexit must be tailored for the needs of small businesses

Small businesses employ much of Britain’s workforce. Any Brexit deal must take their needs into account. Matthew Partridge talks to IW Capital’s Luke Davis about the problems facing the sector.

Get the Old Lady working

The Swiss National Bank has become a great money-spinner, says Matthew Lynn. The Bank of England should follow suit.

Germany is weaker than it looks

The German economy appears to be firing on all cylinders. But under the surface lurk fundamental vulnerabilities that could hamper its long-term performance.

German coalition faces difficult path

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right Christian Democratic Union bloc and the Social Democrats have agreed a preliminary deal.

What the weakening US dollar means for markets

The pound has hit its highest level against the dollar since the Brexit vote. But as John Stepek explains, that says more about the dollar than it does about sterling.

Why a “Canada Plus Plus” Brexit deal won’t happen

One possible model for Brexit is “Canada Plus Plus”. Matthew Partridge talks to Léon Cornelissen, chief economist for Dutch asset management firm Robeco, about why it is a non-starter.

Deciphering the Russian enigma

Churchill famously thought Russia was a riddle – but his less famous solution to the riddle still holds. Russian foreign policy is based on self-interest. Simon Wilson explains.

Germany is following the British model

German chancellor Angela Merkel should look to Britain and know political turbulence is coming Germany’s way, says Matthew Lynn.

Why Putin’s legacy is the world’s cheapest stockmarket

There are good reasons for foreign investors to be nervous about Russia. But there are also reasons for cautious optimism about its future, says Frédéric Guirinec.

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