Europe’s economy

Betting on politics: the far-right rises in Sweden

The far-right Sweden Democrats pose a threat in the upcoming Swedish election. Matthew Partridge looks at the odds of them winning.

No preparations for no-deal Brexit

The government’s preparations for a “no-deal” Brexit in March 2019 have largely ground to a halt.

Italy’s political turmoil threatens EU

What happens next in Italy is anyone’s guess, but the stakes are high. Emily Hohler reports.

The euro crisis returns as Italy's establishment strikes back

Italy’s president blocking the government’s choice of finance minister will mean fresh elections – which could easily turn into a referendum on Europe.

An Italian euro exit may just have moved a little bit closer

Italy’s president has overruled the country’s populist coalition and appointed his own man as finance minister. That could mean fresh elections and an explicitly anti-euro government, says John Stepek.

Why I welcome Italy’s new populists

Another Project Fear is well under way in Europe, says Matthew Lynn. But Italy’s new government has some good ideas.

Customs union: the Gordian knot of Brexit

When Britain voted to leave the EU, almost nobody was talking about the customs union. Today it’s at the centre of the Brexit battleground. Simon Wilson reports.

Chart of the week: the euro is suffocating Italy

Before it adopted the euro in 1999, Italy could inflate its way out of trouble by cutting interest rates, devaluing the lira or increasing government spending. Those are no longer options under the single currency.

Betting on politics: a bad bet on the Italian prime minister

That Giuseppe Conti is almost certain to be the next prime minister of Italy is not too surprising after all, says Matthew Partridge.

Italy’s coalition could sink the euro

The new populist government is on a collision course with the EU, says Emily Hohler.

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