Europe’s economy

Money printing in the eurozone will soon be over – what happens then?

Investors have got used to the ECB’s quantitative easing programme. But one day soon that will end. John Stepek looks at how the markets would react.

Matteo Salvini: the Everyman leader dividing Italy

Matteo Salvini has helped lead the populists to power in Italy. But does the middle-class ex-communist who has never held a job outside politics have any coherent vision for his country? Jane Lewis reports.

New Spanish PM may be blast of fresh air

Pedro Sánchez has become Spain’s new prime minister after pulling off the seemingly impossible.

EU moves to address populist revolts

The French want radical reform; the Germans remain cautious. Emily Hohler reports.

Italy: crisis postponed

Italy’s populist coalition is back on, and a collision between Brussels and Rome has been postponed. But hostility to the euro will grow.

Why we’re unlikely to see Italy leave the EU

Matthew Partridge talks to Barclays’ William Hobbs about Italy’s political pantomime, explains why we won’t be seeing an “Italexit”, and picks the best way to bet on an Italian recovery.

Italy gets a new government – the eurozone hokey-cokey is on hold for now

Markets freaked out when Italy seemed to be heading for fresh elections. But now the populist coalition is taking charge after all. John Stepek looks at what’s going on.

How Turkey could bring down the euro

Turkish banks and companies owe approximately $150bn to foreign creditors, mostly European banks, which could cause big problems in the event of a default.

Betting on politics: the far-right rises in Sweden

The far-right Sweden Democrats pose a threat in the upcoming Swedish election. Matthew Partridge looks at the odds of them winning.

No preparations for no-deal Brexit

The government’s preparations for a “no-deal” Brexit in March 2019 have largely ground to a halt.

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