Europe’s economy

What Norway’s finance minister thinks about the Norway option

Norway has been held up as a model for Britain after Brexit. Matthew Partridge speaks to Norway’s finance minister, Siv Jensen, to find out what the Norwegians think about that.

A soft Brexit would still give Britain a say in making the rules

That Britain would become a “rule-taker” by joining the EEA is one of the main arguments against a “soft Brexit”. But it isn’t true, judge Carl Baudenbacher tells Matthew Partridge.

Populist coalition could take Italy

The populist Five Star Movement (M5S) and Matteo Salvini’s anti-migrant Northern League party were the two big winners from this month’s general election, but each is short of a majority.

Rounding on Russia

Determined diplomacy has shored up the PM, says Matthew Partridge.

How Brexit will affect the CFD and spread betting industry

Matthew Partridge talks to Andrew Edwards, CEO of Saxo Capital Markets, about how Brexit is affecting both his firm and the industry as a whole.

Brexit can kicked down road

Very little will change in the two years after we leave, says Matthew Partridge.

Putin wins in a sham landslide

Russia’s president is now in charge until 2024. What does this mean for the world? Emily Hohler reports.

Will Brexit make it harder to keep the lights on in Britain?

Matthew Partridge talks to energy consultant Clive Moffatt to find out how EU membership has affected the UK’s energy policy, and how Brexit is likely to affect it.

Why the Italian election results are unlikely to matter to Brexit

Italy’s recent election proved a successful one for Euro-sceptic parties. Matthew Partridge talks to Italian economist Lorenzo Codogno to find out what – if anything – it means for Brexit.

Betting on politics: Italy throws a surprise

My predictions regarding the Italian elections at the weekend went poorly, says Matthew Partridge. But there was better news in Germany.

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