Europe’s economy

May to force decision on trade

Even if the PM manages to unite her Cabinet, will the EU agree to her deal? Emily Hohler reports.

Greece: another serving of EU fudge

Greece is finally emerging from its financial rescue programme, but it will have to keep a tight lid on spending for years.

Rattled investors flee Turkey

Investors’ flight form Turkey, after Recep Tayyip Erdogan won last Sunday’s election, is making a nasty recession all the more likely.

Supranational agencies need to start listening

If supranational organisations, such as the European Union, don’t start listening to their members, they won’t last long, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The cracks are starting to show in the eurozone’s most stable member

Germany’s fragile coalition government is at odds over immigration. But the issue isn’t confined to Germany. It’s Europe-wide, and threatens the very existence of the EU, says John Stepek.

Europe should deal with its problems now, while it still has time

The European Central Bank is ending its quantitative easing programme in the slowest way possible. John Stepek looks at what that means for Europe, and for your money.

Don’t give up on European stocks

The latest political upset in Italy has given investors a fright. But they are taking too pessimistic a view.

Money printing in the eurozone will soon be over – what happens then?

Investors have got used to the ECB’s quantitative easing programme. But one day soon that will end. John Stepek looks at how the markets would react.

Matteo Salvini: the Everyman leader dividing Italy

Matteo Salvini has helped lead the populists to power in Italy. But does the middle-class ex-communist who has never held a job outside politics have any coherent vision for his country? Jane Lewis reports.

New Spanish PM may be blast of fresh air

Pedro Sánchez has become Spain’s new prime minister after pulling off the seemingly impossible.

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