Entrepreneurs and small businesses

Noel Edmonds leads anti-fraud fight for small-business owners

Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby © Rex Features

Small businesses rally behind television presenter Noel Edmonds against the banks. David Prosser reports.

Five questions for… Hellen Lawuo-Meena and Maria Magembe

Daughter of the Soil co-founders

Daughter of the Soil is a British-blended, African-heritage beauty brand.

Don’t expect a Budget boost

Just a few weeks before the Budget, many fear the chancellor will take another look at tax on self-employment.

Money makers: A bright and early start

Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

Faced with the challenge of getting published, Vicki Willden-Lebrecht started her own agency representing illustrators and writers of children’s books.

Money makers: Taking film to the skies

Nick Frow and Matthew Cottle Jr

Matthew Cottle Jr and Nick Frow are taking cinema to whole new heights with their Rooftop Film Club.

Money makers: the billionaire who can’t turn a profit

Ev Williams

Ev Williams may never have created a profitable business of any size. But he’s still a billionaire.

Three tasks for the new small-business tsar

Not before time, the government has appointed its first small-business commissioner. The priority now is to ensure he works on the right issues.

Money makers: Selling the unsellable

Optoro founders

Returned and unsold goods were a massive headache for retailers and manufacturers until Optoro arrived on the scene.

Money makers: Chasing the dream

Switch founders

Clara Delétraz and Béatrice Moulin were unhappy with their jobs and did something about it. Now they’re helping others to do the same.

Small business: why it pays to adapt

Entrepreneurs must be ready to change their minds about what works and what doesn’t, and change their business model accordingly.

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