Entrepreneurs and small businesses

How the Budget affects SMEs

Monday’s Budget, though not quite as dramatic as some expected, contained several measures that are relevant to small businesses.

Moneymakers: airbag in a helmet is a lifesaver

Hövding “airbag” bike helmet demonstration

The Hövding airbag bike helmet is worn as a collar and inflates into a hood around your head in a fraction of a second when its sophisticated algorithm detects an accident.

Five questions for Ravi Sharma, CEO of PoochPlay

Ravi Sharma, CEO of PoochPlay

PoochPlay is a dog activity monitor and wellbeing-management app that aims to cover all aspects of dog health and safety.

Money makers: brewing Dane on a Rick-roll

Mikkel Borg Bjergso

Mikkel Borg Bjergso is a beer-brewing Dane who is taking over the world with his range of ales. Chris Carter reports.

Alisa Zotimova: a happy ending for a failed Russian actress

Six years ago, Alisa Zotimova came to terms with the fact that she would never realise her childhood dream of becoming an actress, so she used her savings to set up AZ Real Estate, which now boasts an annual turnover of over £1m.

Five questions for... Nakul Sharma, CEO of Hostmaker

Nakul Sharma, CEO of Hostmaker

Hostmaker is a property-management company with the all-embracing aim of bringing a five-star hotel service to homes.

How small businesses can attract the talent

People waiting for an interview © Getty images

SMEs have much to offer workers, says David Prosser. They should play to their strengths.

Pesky Fish: how an app for fresh fish landed investors

Ben King of Pesky Fish

Ben King launched his app, Pesky Fish, to reinvent the seafood supply chain and create a more sustainable industry for fish, fishermen and consumers.

Five questions for... Edward Holroyd Pearce, co-founder, Virtual Internships

Edward Holroyd Pearce, co-founder, Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships matches candidates with companies looking for remote interns.

Money makers: British space firm shoots for the stars

Mike Lawton

When Mike Lawton realised he couldn’t fly spacecraft, he decided to make parts for them instead. Chris Carter reports.

Sharing the spoils with employee share ownership

John McDonnell © Getty Images

Employee share ownership can be good for everyone involved, says David Prosser.

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