The fracking revolution

Hydraulic fracturing - 'fracking' - is the energy story of the 21st century. This new technology means previously unrecoverable reserves of oil and gas can now be extracted. It has transformed the energy markets in the US, and led to huge new opportunities for investors. Below, we explain what fracking is, and explore the best ways to play this exciting story.

The lowdown on fracking

Investors could make big money from fracking - but it’s not a sure thing. There are risks. Ed Bowsher explains what fracking is, and looks at the pros and cons from an investment perspective.

Fracking FAQ: what is fracking, and why is it in the news?

Fracking is a subject that’s constantly in the news. But what exactly does it entail, and what are the arguments for and against?

The fracking process explained in 30 seconds

Fracking would unleash our very own economic miracle

The opportunity for fracking to transform some of Britain’s poorest areas is too good to pass up, says Matthew Lynn.

How you could make money from fracking without buying shares in an oil company

Matthew Partridge explains how you could cash in by helping the fracking industry work more cleanly and efficiently.

The next few months could be very exciting for investors in fracking

Britain’s fracking industry has so far failed to reach its full potential. But new regulations could soon change that. Matthew Partridge explains how you could profit.

British fracking could weaken Putin’s grip on Ukraine

Britain must make the most of shale oil and gas, says Matthew Lynn – if only to lessen our energy dependence on Russia.

All the top fracking stories

Ed Bowsher looks at a handful of articles from around the web on the pros and cons of fracking.

Fracking: Nine reasons not to get carried away

Investors in UK fracking projects may make big profits. But there are plenty of potential problems to be aware of. Here, Ed Bowsher outlines nine.

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