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Tim graduated with a history degree from Cambridge University in 1989 and, after a year of travelling, joined the financial services firm Ernst and Young in 1990, qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1994.

He then moved into financial markets training, designing and running a variety of courses at graduate level and beyond for a range of organisations including the Securities and Investment Institute and UBS. He joined MoneyWeek in 2007.

Articles written by Tim Bennett

04/07/2013 02/07/2013

A simple way to stockpicking success

Taking a global approach to the ‘Dogs of the Dow’ investment strategy could yield big profits. Tim Bennett explains how it works, and reveals the markets most likely to profit.

Video tutorial: How to value a company using multiples

How to value a company using multiples

For investors wanting to do a quick and dirty check on whether a firm is cheap or expensive, multiples can be helpful. As part of his short series on valuing companies, Tim Bennett explains why and how to go about using them.

27/06/2013 24/06/2013 21/06/2013
Video tutorial: How to value a company using net assets

How to value a company using net assets

Following on from his “3 ways to value a company” video, Tim introduces the first method called the ‘net assets approach’. Along the way he explains how it works, how it helps investors, and also points out some of its pitfalls.

20/06/2013 14/06/2013 14/06/2013 12/06/2013
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