Articles written by Adrian Ash

Is Japan’s recovery faltering?

One significant Japanese economic indicator has fallen to 22-year lows. And that means recovery could be a lot further off than many people expect, says Adrian Ash.

16/07/2009 13/07/2009 03/07/2009

The real price of gold

A good indicator of gold’s anti-inflation value is its worth versus the world’s currencies. And the world’s top ten currencies have lost nearly two-thirds of their value against gold since the start of 2000, says Adrian Ash.

05/06/2009 22/05/2009

Three sound reasons to own gold

Gold’s bull-run continues. But it’s an expensive, largely useless metal and costs money just to hold. So why do people persist in buying the stuff? Adrian Ash explains gold’s three principal attractions.

18/05/2009 01/05/2009

The truth about deflation

With RPI turning negative, deflation is on everyone’s minds. But the true picture is far from clear, says Adrian Ash. As he explains, we may not be experiencing deflation at all.

24/04/2009 26/02/2009

What’s the point of gold?

Gold doesn’t give you any income, isn’t much of a hedge against inflation and its purchasing power is much the same as it was 2,500 years ago. It has been written off many times before, but still people buy it. Adrian Ash explains why.

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