A superyacht on steroids

The Custom Line 120 is massive, but it can put on a good show in terms of performance too. Mick Sharp reports.


"A water toy on steroids" is how Chris Caswell describes the Custom Line 120 in Yachting magazine. This state-of-the-art superyacht provides a new benchmark for design and performance. A 35-metre-plus yacht with a top speed of 25 knots or more has been the "holy grail" for yachtmakers for many years, but, because of the trade-offs between weight, power and the size of the fuel tanks, it has proved elusive. "However much power becomes available, customers have an uncanny knack of ticking the heaviest things on the extras list, such as folding balconies and acres of marble," says Alan Harper in the FT's How To Spend It. That puts a lid on potential performance.

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The CL120, unveiled at this year's Cannes yachting festival, is the result of Milan-based yacht designer Francesco Paszkowski's first collaboration with multinational shipbuilders the Ferretti Group. The high-tech engines from German manufacturer MTU speed the yacht just to the "magical" 25 knots benchmark; the boat is equipped with a pair of MTU 2000-series V16 diesels, with a combined horsepower of 5,276hp. "The CL120 is a clever amalgam of space, style, luxury and performance that should appeal to owners looking to make the mega-yacht move," says Caswell.

As you would expect when spending in excess of £13.2m, every aspect of the vessel's interior can be customised. "The owner's personality is reflected in the tailor-made dcor and top-quality finishes," says YachtWorld. "Elegance takes shape in a personalised space where every detail is a declaration of aesthetic intent." The boat also has a smoother and less boisterous ride than you might expect and, if you're not in any rush or don't feel the need to show off your pride and joy's top speed to awe-struck passengers you can cover more than 1,000 nautical miles at 11 knots without needing to refuel.


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