You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time

For his February selections, Matthew Jukes picks six great value Burgundies from top-flight specialist Haynes Hanson & Clark. Three whites from 2017 and three older, more mellow reds; all drinking now.


Haynes Hanson & Clark prove that, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend a fortune on Burgundy to have a good time. All you need is some insider knowledge of quality Domaines and guidance from an expert palate, which HH&C are more than happy to share with their customers. Use this information to your advantage.


Matthew Jukes

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Prices and savings below are exclusive to MoneyWeek readers and are based on ordering a case of 12 bottles. You can also buy a mixed case, which allows you to try every wine (twice!) and is the most popular option with MoneyWeek readers. You'll enjoy FREE UK delivery on all orders. Offer ends 28 February 2019.

2017 Chablis, Domaine Daniel Dampt

£17.45 £15 per bottle / £180 per case, saving £29.40

Dampt's Chablis are sensational year in year out and while they lost 35% of their crop in 2017 the wines are truly thrilling. Precision winemaking and no interference from oak barrels allows this estate wine to perform at the highest level imaginable. This is pristine, unadulterated Chardonnay for lovers of this purist style and the drama and verve in the glass is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. While the acidity is elevated in 2017, this is a wine which is not too angular to drink now but it will hold for a two or three years, too, such is the engine in this wine.

2017 Mcon-Uchizy, Domaine de l'Arfentire

£13.85£11.50 per bottle / £138 per case, saving £28.20

Inexpensive Mcon is often bland, feeble and lacking in drive. This region manages to pump out oceans of the stuff every year to fill the shelves and much of it is dreary to say the least. Made by well-known local expert Raphal Sallet, this wine is anything but boring. Pithy and active on the palate, there is a raspy, lemon zest edge to this silky wine which keeps you on the tips of your toes. This may be an entry level Mcon but it drinks like a much classier and more sophisticated beast. It wants to live in your fridge door rather than your cellar such is its immediate appeal.

2017 Montagny, 1er Cru Perrires, Olivier Leflaive

£24.40£21 per bottle / £252 per case, saving £40.80

A classic white Burgundy, this wine is at the opposite end of the flavour spectrum to the first two whites. It is oaked, structured and commanding and it clearly has a few years ahead of it. With ravishing fruit and flirtatious acidity on the finish, this is a wine with valid delusions of grandeur. Tasting like a wine with a much higher price tag, Leflaive has sculpted a wicked diva of a Chardonnay with sassy character. It could step up to any chicken or fish main course, such is its presence.

2016 Mercurey, En Boussoy, Domaine Patrick Guillot

£17.35£15 per bottle / £180 per case, saving £28.20

The flavour of this amazing wine whisked me back to my very first faltering footsteps in Burgundy over 30 years ago. En Boussoy tastes like a Pinot Noir lost in time and I love it. Nostalgic flavours of rustic, heart-warming, jug-wine Pinot Noir from outback' Burgundy flooded through my taste memory when HH&C MD Jim Eustace poured me this wine. It is chewy, densely packed with wild cherry fruit and energetically refreshing on the palate. It made me yearn to drink this style of wine more often, as opposed to the heavily polished and professional' wines which we see too many of today.

2016 Rully, La Chaume, Claudie Jobard

£17.45£16.50 per bottle / £198 per case, saving £11.40

Claudie's wines are always rewarding and I nearly listed her white Rully En Villerange alongside this red, this month, because it is so good. La Chaume is a sensual wine which expertly captures the character of Pinot Noir without loading it with too much extract or grunt. It is perfumed, lithe, silky and also crunchy on the finish and this makes it a red which you can drink at any time of day with any grub you fancy. Drinking now, this wine will age gracefully, too, for a year or two, so dive in and load up. The 2017 vintage is rather pinched so I would go long on this lusty 2016.

2015 Bourgogne Cte d'Or, Pinot Noir, Decelle-Villa

£21.55 £18.50 / £222 per case, saving £36.60

I am delighted to recommend this impressive 2015 to you as this vintage is a classic and the wine shows flair and integrity. The reason it's so impressive is that it manages to assemble a huge mass of flavour with only 12.5% alcohol on board. In other words, it is built on foundations of perfect acidity and not skin tannin and this has supported the dreamy, wild cherry fruit perfectly. Drink it with your finest food and treat it with immense respect, because it is a generic Bourgogne in name only.


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