Spread betting video tutorials

In these short, easy to understand video tutorials, MoneyWeek's spread betting expert John C Burford outlines some of the essential concepts you need to know to become a successful trader.

Video tutorial: The essentials of tramline trading

In his first spread betting video tutorial, expert trader John C Burford explains some very simple chart-based ideas that can point you towards some nice entry and exit positions on trades.

Video tutorial: An introduction to Elliott wave theory

John C Burford explains the basics of Elliott wave theory, and how to use it to your advantage in your trades.

Video tutorial: Trading with Fibonacci levels

In my latest spread betting video tutorial I want to deal with the basics of Fibonacci theory and how it can help you decide where to enter and exit trades.

Video tutorial: Advanced tramline trading

Tramline trading can give spread betters excellent points to enter a trade and excellent targets to exit a trade. In this video, John C Burford explains how to identify profitable exit points for your trades.

Video tutorial: trading with 'momentum'

In his latest spread betting video tutorial, John C Burford explains how you can use ‘momentum’ measures for spotting changes in the direction of a market.

Advanced trading with Elliott waves

In his second video tutorial on Elliott wave theory, John C Burford uses a textbook example from the gold market to explain in further detail some of the theory’s main principles, and how to use them in your trades.

Spread betting video tutorial: 'putting it all together'

In his latest video tutorial, John C Burford brings together his three different trading strategies – tramline trading, Elliott waves and Fibonacci – to show how to make money by spread betting the financial markets.