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Advisers: you don't have to be right, but you do have to be honest

It really shouldn’t be so difficult to find a financial adviser that will explain in easy to understand terms how much they charge, and what for.

The best way to collect taxes? Start a lottery

Slovakia’s new monthly lottery has increased its take of sales tax by over half a billion euros.

Drug companies' 'tax inversion' dodge could backfire

Drugs companies relocating their headquarters via ‘tax inversion’ is a neat tax trick. But it could end up hitting their shares.

The rise of Britain's un-taxed economy

We’re finally starting to get an idea of just how much income in Britain goes un-taxed.

A simple solution to inheritance tax

We get so caught up in fiddling with our a tax system. But as this simple idea for reforming inheritance tax shows, all we really need to do is simplify it.

Abolish inheritance tax - and make death a taxable event

Inheritance tax is unpopular with many readers – so here’s a novel solution to getting rid of it altogether.

Isa providers had better get moving

The creation of the merged Isa was great news. Now the providers need to come up with one – the sooner the better.

Inheriting small businesses the German way

Whether or not to tax small, inherited businesses is up for debate. But Germany has one solution that could please everybody.

How to make all your financial worries disappear in one simple move

Sell your overpriced London property, buy a country house and pocket the difference.

The Isle of Man: a tax haven or not a tax haven?

Merryn Somerset Webb found herself in hot water after referring to the Isle of Man as a ‘tax haven’. But it is still a very good place to be if you don’t like paying tax.

How limes and unemployment tell us the war on drugs has to end

The soaring price of limes and America’s stubborn unemployment rate are both products of the West’s failed war on drugs, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It’s high time for a rethink.

There is no 1%

It’s not just the super-rich that move in and out of wealth brackets, the rest of us can expect to do so too.

How extreme monetary policy has changed our world – for the worse

Central banks’ extreme monetary policy is transferring massive wealth to the ultra-rich, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The pointless numbers in the Scottish referendum debate

Whether for or against Scottish independence, everyone is throwing statistics around like they mean something. But they don’t.

Now could be the perfect time for Londoners to sell up

If you fancy trading your poky terrace for a country manor, do it now before the property price-gap narrows.

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