Investing in technology

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Investing in technology

Technology is moving astoundingly quickly. The pace of change in the fields of artificial intelligence, renewable energy and the "internet of things", for instance, can make it hard for investors to keep up. But if you aren't on top of the latest developments, you risk losing out.

At MoneyWeek, we can help you invest in technology by bringing you news of the latest developments and the companies and tech stocks to buy.
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How to invest in technology

Video tutorial: How to invest in tech stocks

The technology sector can be hugely profitable for investors. But how do you pick the right companies? In this video tutorial, Ed Bowsher explains how to invest in tech stocks.

Profit from the rise of artificial intelligence

Once the machines came and took the menial jobs. Now they’re taking over the executive suite. Artificial intelligence has come of age, says Matthew Partridge.

Three little charts and the coming solar energy revolution

As solar energy gets cheaper and more efficient, the number of new installations is growing exponentially. Here, Nick O’Connor looks at the solar revolution, and what it means for you.

Profiting from “the financial singularity”

The speed of change is accelerating rapidly. Investors who successfully exploit that change could make more money than they’ve made in their entire lives, says Nick O’Connor.

Life of man, living forever

Inherent to the idea of capitalism is that human innovation and ingenuity can overcome any limit. On that basis, says Nick O’Connor, immortality is the logical final outcome.

Who wants to live forever?

Andrew Lockley talks to Ira Pastor , CEO of a firm that focuses on “age reversal” in humans.

Are Apple’s best days behind it?

Apple is a fantastic brand that makes excellent products. But if it’s not careful, says John Stepek, it could turn into the Marks & Spencer of the tech world.

Too much money is pouring into tech funds

Big companies are pouring billions into tech funds. It would be better to pay that out as dividends and let shareholders invest it how they want, says Matthew Lynn.

Towards the perfect battery

Andrew Lockley looks at some of the firms that are promising to disrupt the battery industry.

The car is set to go the way of the VHS tape – prepare your portfolio

Urban transport is about to undergo a transformation, says Dominic Frisby. In 15 years’ time, no city dweller will own a car. Are you – and your portfolio – prepared?

How to profit from the coming technology boom

While everyone in the West has a smartphone, in emerging markets the revolution has barely begun. It’s set to drive the next big boom in tech stocks, says Dominic Frisby.

Are you ready for the sixth "irruption" in technological innovation?

The industrial revolution paved the way for four further periods of major technological innovation. Now a new wave of change could transform the fortunes of prescient investors, says Nick O’Connor.

Quantum computing: the ultimate disruptor

The next generation of computers aren’t just faster or simply better, says Andrew Lockley. They are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

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