IG Markets

Founded in 1999, IG Markets acts as the CFD (contracts for difference) arm of leading spread betting specialist IG group.

With IG Markets you have the opportunity to trade round the clock, on forex, commodities, and a wide choice of share indices.

IG Markets comes with a charting package, and a fast one click dealing platform – PureDeal.

There is also a second level access which allows you to trade directly onto the books of the world’s leading exchanges. With this you can trade outside the normal trading hours and see the market depth.

What they say:
“IG Markets provides the best resources available to CFD traders. Recent innovations include multi-venue technology which finds the best prices from primary exchanges, alongside a charting package that caters for even the most sophisticated of analyst.

This is all available on PureDeal, our level 1 trading platform. Designed to provide optimum performance, PureDeal delivers fast-execution and one-click dealing, even during periods of high demand. You can also operate your CFD trading account via mobile phone and smart phone.”

IG Markets offer CFD trading on currencies, share indices, shares, energies, metals, volatility, DMA equities, interest rates, bonds, ETFs and commodities.


IG Markets offer the widest range of exotic and minor currencies for forex trading.

Whilst trading forex you can also take advantage of the charting and free commentary that comes with the account.

Stock indices

IG Markets offer round the clock CFD trading on major indices including FTSE 100, Wall Street, Japan 225 and more.


IG Markets offer the chance to trade on over 650 of the all of the leading UK, US, European and world shares in local denominations.

Shares in the UK – all of the shares in the FTSE 350 index and normally all other UK-listed shares with a market capitalisation of over £10m. They also offer Share options on all shares in the FTSE 100 that have options available on LIFFE.

Shares in North America – All of the constituent shares in the S&P 500 Index and the NASDAQ 100 index as well as shares deemed sufficiently liquid with a market capitalisation of over $500m. As well as this they also offer shares listed on the TSX60 in Canada.

Shares in Europe – all shares listed on the major indices including: ATX (Austria), BEL20 (Belgium), KFX (Denmark), HEX (Finland), CAC40 (France), DAX, HDAX, MDAX (Germany), ASE60 (Greece), ISEQ (Ireland), MIB30, MIBTEL (Italy), AEX (Netherlands), OBX (Norway), PSI20 (Portugal), IBEX35 (Spain), OMX (Stockholm Benchmark), SMI (Switzerland).

Shares in Australia, South Africa and the Far East – Constituents of the ASX / S&P 300 index, plus over 700 other Australian stocks, the JSE Top 40, leading Hong Kong and Japanese shares, and constituents of the Strait Times in Singapore.


IG Markets offer CFD trading on energy contracts including: daily and monthly US and Brent crude oil, plus natural gas, no lead gasoline, heating oil and carbon emissions.


IG Markets offer CFD trading on a variety of metals including spot metals of gold and silver, and a wide range of forward contracts from Aluminium to Zinc, with no commission to pay.


With IG Markets you can trade binary and options.

Interest rates

Trade a variety of short- and long-term interest rates with their money market contracts. IG Markets offer 3-month interest rate CFDs which give you exposure to global interest rate changes over the shorter term.


If you are looking to trade interest rate changes over a longer term the IG Markets also offer major government bonds.


With IG markets you can trade in a wide range of ETFs including the SPDR Gold Holdings, and the ETF Emerging Markets. They offer a fast way to gain exposure to a trends within the market.


IG Markets lets you trade, commission free, on a wide range of commodity ETFs including grain, livestock, soft and industrial commodities, cocoa, coffee, cotton, lumber, orange juice, cattle and pork bellies.


The sectors IG Markets offer are based on the stocks that make up the FTSE 350 and ASX 200. They offer you a way to trade on trends as opposed to individual shares. For example you could trade on the companies that make up the technology sector.

Apply for IG Markets account or compare other leading providers here.

MoneyWeek Ltd receives commission from IG Markets for accounts opened.

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