The eurozone crisis

Sovereign debt among many countries in Europe is running dangerously high. If any country defaults, it poses a threat to the rest of the eurozone and to the single currency itself. And if the euro collapses, it would have enormous consequences for world markets, the global economy - and your wealth.

Italy is in trouble – again

The Italian government has come under renewed pressure to reform as the economy lapses back into recession.

Portuguese bank collapses

The collapse of Banco Espirito Santo has raised fears there could be other nasty surprises lurking in Europe’s banking sector.

Draghi kicked the can down the road. Now, here’s that can again…

The eurozone crisis was originally a financial crisis in Europe’s southern states. Now it’s an economic crisis covering the whole continent, says Matthew Lynn.

Europe’s recovery engine stutters

Germany’s faltering export industry has put the eurozone’s weak recovery under pressure.

Wobble sparks euro fears

Jitters over a Portuguese bank bring back memories of the worst of the eurozone crisis.

Good news for investors – Europe’s banking crisis is back

The latest eurozone crisis – sparked by trouble at Portugal’s Banco Espirito Santo – could prove an opportunity for smart investors, says Ed Bowsher.

Glimmers of hope in Greece

After a wrenching depression that wiped 26% off GDP in six years, there are glimmers of hope in Greece.

France: Europe’s weakest link

The recovery in the eurozone has lost momentum. And France’s performance has been especially disappointing.

The most cynical game you’ll ever play

Europe’s weaker countries have dragged Germany into playing their game. But this just highlights Germany’s strengths, says Bengt Saelensminde.

Why Europe needs QE – now

QE may cause problems, but the alternative is a nasty depression. Expect the EU to start the printing presses soon, says James Ferguson.

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