The eurozone crisis

Sovereign debt among many countries in Europe is running dangerously high. If any country defaults, it poses a threat to the rest of the eurozone and to the single currency itself. And if the euro collapses, it would have enormous consequences for world markets, the global economy - and your wealth.

What happens if Greece defaults?

What exactly would happen if Greece is unable to reach a deal with its creditors has left everyone guessing.

Greece: running out of options

The likelihood of Greece leaving the eurozone has risen amid signs that its government and European officials won’t be able to agree on reforms.

Is Greece set to exit the eurozone? It’s getting more likely by the day

The probability of a Greek exit from the eurozone is higher now than it ever was. John Stepek explains why, and looks at what’s likely to happen next.

Europe is pulling in different directions – sooner or later, the euro will break up

Europe’s fundamental structures are getting worse, says Matthew Lynn. The eurozone is sinking deeper into trouble. Sooner or later, that will mean its demise.

Greece is running out of cash

Unless Greece gets more bailout money from Europe and the IMF, it will go broke in May.

Could Greece be the pin that pops the global bond bubble?

Risk in the eurozone will be cast in a whole new light if Greece is allowed to ditch the euro. John Stepek explains why that could be disastrous.

Greece is back at the cliff edge

If Greece can’t secure aid by mid-April, economists reckon it may crash out of the eurozone.

Four ways we can stop the tumbling euro crushing our recovery

Britain must take action to prevent the pound becoming too strong against the euro, says Matthew Lynn. The recovery is at stake.

Austria: The return of the debt crisis

Austria is feeling the pain from the Swiss National Bank’s decision to unpeg the franc from the euro.

Greece on the brink again

The provisional agreement for Greece’s bailout is in danger of unravelling.

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