The eurozone crisis

Sovereign debt among many countries in Europe is running dangerously high. If any country defaults, it poses a threat to the rest of the eurozone and to the single currency itself. And if the euro collapses, it would have enormous consequences for world markets, the global economy - and your wealth.

Could Greece be the pin that pops the global bond bubble?

Risk in the eurozone will be cast in a whole new light if Greece is allowed to ditch the euro. John Stepek explains why that could be disastrous.

Greece is back at the cliff edge

If Greece can’t secure aid by mid-April, economists reckon it may crash out of the eurozone.

Four ways we can stop the tumbling euro crushing our recovery

Britain must take action to prevent the pound becoming too strong against the euro, says Matthew Lynn. The recovery is at stake.

Austria: The return of the debt crisis

Austria is feeling the pain from the Swiss National Bank’s decision to unpeg the franc from the euro.

Greece on the brink again

The provisional agreement for Greece’s bailout is in danger of unravelling.

Eurozone crisis: Greece mentions the war

Greek prime minister Alexander Tsipras has caused consternation in Europe by threatening to seize German assets. Matthew Partridge reports.

The Greek crisis isn’t over. That’s reason enough to buy Greek shares

Greece leaving the euro could turn out to be the least worst outcome for Greeks and investors alike. Matthew Partridge explains why.

Good news for eurozone stocks – a dollop of fudge saves the day again

Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to extend Greece’s bailout for another four months. John Stepek looks at what this means for investors.

Debt talks go down to the wire

The game of chicken between Greece and its creditors has continued to escalate.

Are markets right to be so laid-back over Greece?

Investors have taken the latest episode in the Greek debt crisis all in their stride. Should they be more worried, asks John Stepek.

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