The Greek debt crisis

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Greece's interminable debt crisis

Greece has been lurching from bailout to bailout for years now. But things could be coming to a head. So how will the Greek debt crisis be resolved? Will Greece agree to restructure its economy? Or are we looking at a 'Grexit', with Greece leaving the eurozone?

Anatomy of a Grexit: how Greece would go about leaving the eurozone

Jonathan Loynes and Jennifer McKeown, economists at Capital Economics, look at the key issues and challenges of a Grexit, and explain how it might be best managed.

What £3 of sausage tells us about Europe

A recent court case in Italy over a small amount of cheese and sausage may seem trivial, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But it speaks volumes for the state of the eurozone.

The ECB failed – or did it?

Mario Draghi gave the market a big surprise yesterday, going way beyond what the market had expected. Has he screwed up? John Stepek looks at what he said.

Which Draghi will we get today – nice or nasty?

All eyes will be on the European Central Bank today as Mario Draghi tries again to boost the eurozone’s flagging economy. He has to surprise the markets, says John Stepek – but how?

The EU is the cure that kills

Europe wouldn’t be in quite the mess it’s in if it wasn’t for the European Union, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Will Brexit hurt trade?

The EU referendum will be a major talking point this year. But what are the facts? Simon Wilson looks at the potential impact on trade with the EU.

Spain elects first hung parliament

A Spanish election has produced the first inconclusive result since the advent of democracy 40 years ago.

The Spanish election could kick off another round of eurozone angst

Spain’s general election produced an uncertain result, with nobody able to form a majority government. That could lead to more turmoil in the eurozone. John Stepek explains why.

Markets unfazed by Spanish election

Spain goes to the polls on Sunday. Once, that would have made markets very nervous, But not this time.

Mario Draghi backs down

Mario Draghi has surprised markets by cutting rates by less than expected, and extending, rather than increasing, the QE programme. Is it a sign of economic recovery, or complacency?

How Angela Merkel’s political woes could be good for European stocks

Angela Merkel’s stance on immigration could spark a leadership challenge from disgruntled fellow minsters. And the prospect of that could boost European stocks. Matthew Partridge explains why.

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