Global economy

Interest rates could stay low for a lot longer – how can you profit?

With the eurozone still in a mess, there’s little appetite for a rise in interest rates. John Stepek explains what that could mean for your investments.

What’s bad for Europe’s workers is good for shareholders

European economies may well go into terminal decline, says Matthew Lynn. But that’s no reason for investors to panic.

Bishop lambasts Cameron’s IS policy

The Bishop of Leeds has attacked the prime minister’s handling of the crisis in Iraq. Emily Hohler reports.

Europe’s recovery stalls

The European Central Bank is expected to resort to money printing to kickstart growth.

Is the threat from the East growing?

European companies intend to cut back on investment as the fallout with Russia starts to be felt.

Korea is set for a dividend windfall

Foreign investors have been piling into Korean stocks in the expectation of bigger payouts to shareholders.

Is Australia’s luck running out?

Australia hasn’t endured a recession since 1991. But that could soon be about to change.

Profit from the dawn of the connected car

As self-driving and network-connected cars take to the roads, firms producing their kit and preventing cyber-attacks stand to profit, says Sam Volkering.

This natural resource is key to life on earth – and it’s under threat

Food supplies will start to disappear without this vital resource. Dominic Frisby explains why supply is coming under pressure, and tips the best stocks to profit.

How to benefit from falling oil prices

The geopolitical situation is ugly, and yet, the oil price has fallen hard. John Stepek explains what’s going on and what it means for your investments.

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