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Printed money won’t save us. Nor will China. But refugees just might

Migration isn’t the threat to Europe most people think it is – it’s a huge opportunity. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Paul Hodges.

This ‘wall of money’ is collapsing – that’s bad news for markets

Saudi Arabia is used to having a big pot of money to spend as it pleases. But that’s now changed. John Stepek looks at what it means for the markets.

Colombia’s peace deal is great news for investors

A peace deal to end decades of fighting is the latest sign of Colombia’s bright future, says James McKeigue. And it’s one more reason to invest in the country.

China’s economy is having a hard time – but not as hard as you think

It’s no surprise that China’s slowdown has rattled markets across the globe. But things are nowhere near as bad as many people think, says John Stepek.

Gillian Tett on the real cause of the crash

The credit crisis of 2008 was nothing to do with greed – it was a simple case of tunnel vision. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Gillian Tett.

Most Fed meetings don’t matter – but this one signals danger for investors

Janet Yellen let the cat out of the bag at the last Federal Reserve meeting, says Tim Price. Central bankers have no idea what they’re doing.

Fed holds steady on interest rates – and rattles investors

The US Federal Reserve holding down interest rates came as no surprise. Its dovish tone, however, did.

What if the Fed’s next move is to print more money?

John Stepek looks at how the US Federal Reserve could be tempted into another bout of quantitative easing, while Dan Denning considers the prospect of martial law in Britain.

The war in Syria will end. But the migrant crisis won’t

The fighting in Syria is a symptom of the migrant crisis, not its cause. Merryn Somerset Webb talks to author and journalist James Fergusson.

El Niño will blow in a turbulent 2016

Global markets next year could take a battering from the El Niño weather phenomenon.

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