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Why the oil price is set to rise

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How to make money in a greying world

Fewer babies are being born and the elderly are living longer. That’s a demographic time bomb for economies, but smart investors can profit from the trend, says Jonathan Compton.

The Panama Papers scandal

The leak of millions of documents from a Panama law firm has propelled the world of offshore investments into the headlines. What’s the fuss about? Simon Wilson reports.

Should we do away with tax havens?

The British Virgin Islands have borne the brunt of the public’s rage over tax havens. Is it time we got rid of them? Chris Carter investigates.

Politicians’ tax returns: who pays what

The country’s most high-profile politicians have been falling over themselves to show off their earnings and the amount of tax they paid. Here’s who got what.

Time to duck: ‘government by headline’ is back

David Cameron’s dilemma over the Panama Papers is a symptom of our flawed tax regime. But it’s what we’re stuck with, says John Stepek. And it’s going to get worse.

The billionaire banker battling corruption charges in Brazil

Already charged with corruption in Brazil, the Panama Papers is just the latest scandal to implicate Brazilian billionaire banker Joseph Safra.

Tax dodge scandal claims first scalp in Iceland's prime minister

Icelandic prime minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson has been the biggest casualty so far of the Panama Papers scandal, says Matthew Partridge.

The mood music doesn't favour tax simplicity

Don’t expect a simpler, more transparent tax system anytime soon, says John Stepek. Thankfully, there still remains plenty of scope for sensible tax planning.

Watch out defensive investors – big companies are in the firing line

The Panama Papers scandal will lead to governments cracking down on tax evasion by multinational corporations. But it could be good news for smaller companies, says John Stepek.

Gervais Williams: the market is ripe for micro-caps

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to smaller companies expert Gervais Williams about why sluggish market growth means now is the time to tuck away some cheap micro-caps in your portfolio.

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