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Roaring back

Trump's tax plans will jump-start the US economy

  • How Bernie Madoff cornered the market for hot chocolate

Planning for the unknowable in 2017

There’s plenty of unease as to what lies ahead this year, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But investors need not worry.

What the New Year may hold in store for investors

Could 2017 finally see the collapse of Europe? Or have we already passed peak-populism? Could we see a war between the US and China? John Stepek chairs our Roundtable discussion.

The pharma price-gouging scandal

Pharmaceutical companies have hit the headlines for hiking prices for life-saving drugs by shocking amounts. What’s going on? Simon Wilson reports.

Mark Mobius: populist parties set to continue

Emerging-markets fund manager Mark Mobius reckons we can expect to see populist parties do well for a while longer.

Could Donald Trump be America’s Maggie Thatcher?

According to one of the world’s most successful investors, there are parallels between Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power in Britain and Donald Trump becoming US president. John Stepek explains.

What the latest US-China spat means for your money

China’s seizure of a US drone in international waters is its way of sending a message to president-elect Donald Trump. John Stepek looks at what it means for you.

Why interest rates aren’t going back to normal

Interest rates will not only remain low for a while, they will stay low into the middle of this century. David C Stevenson explains why.

Vibrant Asia will shrug off Trump threat

Emerging markets suffered a shock in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, says Sarah Moore. But expect Southeast Asia to bounce back.

The central banks' reindeer moment

The central banks can no more use quantitative easing to raise prices than Domino’s can use reindeers to deliver pizzas, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Are we doomed to repeat the 1930s?

Herbert Hoover’s protectionist tariffs led to a global depression, political extremism and war. Simon Wilson looks at what Donald Trump should learn from the mistakes of the 1930s.

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