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Central bankers are destroying capitalism

If central bankers push interest rates any lower, they risk undermining the social order upon which the capitalist system rests, says Ed Chancellor.

Back the good guys in the battle for the internet

The more we depend on smart devices and wireless technology, the more cybercrime will rise – but so too will the profits of firms thwarting the criminals, says Matthew Partridge.

What if the US and Japanese central banks surprise us all this week?

Markets are watching US and Japanese central banks this week as they decide where to take monetary policy next. Here’s what might happen, and how it could affect you.

How to keep this bull run going

Despite there being so many global problems, don’t discount this stockmarket rally becoming the longest ever, says Matthew Lynn.

We need a “debt jubilee” to fix the economy

Brexit was for the best, but Britain is still the “walking dead of debt”. There’s a simple solution, Steve Keen tells Merryn Somerset Webb…

How low interest rates are crippling capitalism

Markets exist to allocate capital efficiently. But central banks have turned them into casinos, with investors chasing anything that offers a positive yield. That’s bad for capitalism, says John Stepek.

Forget plain old money printing – it’s time to get really radical

Central banks around the world are about to take monetary policy to the next level. Investors need to be ready, says John Stepek.

It’s time to get serious after the Brexit vote

With the Brexit vote behind us, we need to put our differences to one side, says Dr Peter Frankopan. It’s time to start thinking seriously about the future.

Governments are getting ever closer to launching the helicopters

As people across the globe vote for governments to “do something”, responsibility for money printing will move from central bankers into the hands of politicians.

The internet is creating a new class of plutocrats

Every time a customer uses companies such as Google, Amazon, or Uber, a small cut of local wealth and power gets transferred to Silicon Valley, says Dominic Frisby.

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