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Cleaning up our toxic air

Traffic in a polluted haze © Rex Features

The air we breathe is killing us – and costing us a fortune too. But if you think electric cars are the answer, think again, says Simon Wilson.

What if there is no “new normal”?

The popular view of the global economy is that we’re experiencing a “new normal” – low yields, low productivity and long-term stagnation. But, says John Stepek, that’s not necessarily true. [...]

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Reports of the death of growth have been greatly exaggerated

Fear of economic stagnation is wreaking havoc in the markets. But it is nothing new. We didn’t see a “new normal” in the past, and we’re not seeing one now.

The staggering saga of negative interest rates continues

Global bond markets saw yields plumb new lows this week, driven by central banks’ loose monetary policies. So what will they do now, asks John Stepek? Admit they’re wrong, or double down?

The next big shift in markets will be driven by politics

From Brexit to Trump, voters are increasingly turning to populist solutions that could have dramatic effects on the markets. Investors will have to keep a very close eye on things.

The dark secret of global finance

Money laundering is no longer the preserve of criminal gangs – it’s a trillion-dollar business run through global financial centres, such as London. Simon Wilson reports.

George Magnus: Now is not the time to relax over China

A peaceful, slumbering dragon? Think again, economist and commentator George Magnus tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

The “elites” don’t get it – no one trusts them anymore

The financial elite led us into the 2008 crisis. And those same people are still in charge. John Stepek looks at where they might lead us next.

A US interest rate rise in June? I’ll believe it when I see it

There are suggestions that the US Federal Reserve could raise interest rates in June. But that’s not going to happen. John Stepek explains why.

Is TTIP off the table?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has met with opposition from French President François Hollande and from the public. Can it be salvaged? Simon Wilson reports.

Jim Rogers: global economy heading for a crisis

A massive build-up of debt will plunge the world economy back into turmoil, believes investment guru Jim Rogers.

The Brexit battle is just a symptom of the change sweeping the globe

Since the financial crisis, upheaval, nationalism and populism are rising all over the globe as people vote for anything but “more of the same”. John Stepek looks at what’s happening.

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