Global economy

Selling the silver

Beware of investment trusts that are spending beyond their means

Cheap money, lax lending standards – I'm getting deja vu here

The piles of dodgy debt building up are unpleasantly reminiscent of the last financial crisis, says John Stepek. Is cheap money about to draw us into another one?

How rising interest rates could be inflationary

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The best investment idea to back now

The NHS ransomware affair highlighted the need for ever better cyber security. David C Stevenson tips the best funds to profit.

Islamic State defeat: a pivotal moment for Iraq

This week Iraqi troops declared victory over Islamic State (IS) in Mosul, having recaptured virtually all of the territory they lost.

It’s time to top up on Tokyo stocks

There is a compelling argument for topping up your Japan holdings, says Andrew Van Sickle.

The man who wants to revolutionise France

Emmanuel Macron has promised a “profound transformation” of France. Investors should be sceptical about whether he can succeed, says Frederic Guirinec.

The tea leaves are dancing (and other great metaphors for rising interest rates)

Markets are trying to get used to the idea of higher interest rates. With no way of telling what the future holds, investors need to keep their wits about them.

Is the next big financial crisis overdue?

The economic backdrop looks even more precarious than before the last financial meltdown. We may not have long to wait for the next one.

Central bankers are playing a giant game of Jenga with markets

Forget interest rates or money-printing, central bankers’ most useful tool is expectations management. Tugging at bricks, testing reactions, keeping markets from tumbling. John Stepek explains how to play the game.

How to sell the free market

Forget about France’s Emmanuel Macron, says Matthew Lynn. If you want to know how to sell the free market, look to Germany’s Christian Lindner.

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