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The unnatural calm in today’s markets should have you worried

The low volatility in today’s markets should have investors worried, says John Stepek. The last time the markets were this calm was just before the last financial crisis.

Global trade winds are subsiding

For most of the post-war period, the global economy has seen a healthy expansion in global trade. But since the global financial crisis, it has slowed sharply, fuelled by protectionism.

The big government threat to big corporations – and small states

Apple’s potential €13bn tax bill should sound a warning to investors, says John Stepek. Governments have finally worked out how to raid big multinationals’ balance sheets.

Central bankers to governments: it’s time to spend, spend, spend

Central bankers have been using ever-more radical monetary policy to bolster the global economy. But they’re reaching the end of their tether. Now they want governments to start spending.

Why the case against gold is wrong

A number of economists have made the case for why investors should shun gold. They are all dead wrong, says Jim Rickards.

Running dry: how to profit from a parched world

As demand for water rises and supplies become more erratic, firms with the technology and infrastructure to tackle shortages stand to gain, says Sarah Moore.

Forever debt, forever war

With an explosion in debt and credit, conditions are ripe for a monetary crisis. But how will it happen? And what can you do before it does? Dan Denning explains.

Central bankers are destroying capitalism

If central bankers push interest rates any lower, they risk undermining the social order upon which the capitalist system rests, says Ed Chancellor.

Back the good guys in the battle for the internet

The more we depend on smart devices and wireless technology, the more cybercrime will rise – but so too will the profits of firms thwarting the criminals, says Matthew Partridge.

What if the US and Japanese central banks surprise us all this week?

Markets are watching US and Japanese central banks this week as they decide where to take monetary policy next. Here’s what might happen, and how it could affect you.

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