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The moon was just the first step – the real space race is about to begin

The real space race is about to being – one that could create exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs, says Matthew Lynn. Space is the next great commercial frontier.

The climate of fear will only get worse – and that’s down to Saudi Arabia

The low price of oil is a serious problem for Saudi Arabia. But as Peter Frankopan explains, it should also be a serious worry for us too.

The world’s most bubbly housing markets

Swiss bank UBS has compiled an index of the most bubbly housing markets in the world. No prizes for guessing who comes top.

'Paris changes everything': the long-term consequences for Europe

The political fallout is likely to be huge – but what does the upheaval mean for markets and economies? John Stepek explains.

Europe in crisis

Markets have a habit of shaking off tragedies. But with Europe, says John Stepek – this time it’s different.

Will the Fed really raise interest rates in December?

The US Federal Reserve is keen to convince everyone that it could raise interest rates this year. John Stepek looks at how likely that is, and what it would mean.

Silicon Valley is eating the world

Silicon Valley’s culture of innovative technology has spread like wildfire, says Nick O’Connor. It’s turning all sorts of established businesses on their heads.

The bigness bias

Some corporations are worth more than whole countries now, says Dan Denning. That could be a vital survival strategy in today’s world.

Narendra Modi courts the diaspora

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi will address a crowd of 60,0000 British Indians at Wembley Stadium.

Cameron’s terms with Brussels

David Cameron’s letter to European Council president Donald Tusk is the most hotly anticipated piece of correspondence in recent memory, says Dan Denning.

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