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Africa: a market to be reckoned with

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Chart of the week: How exports powered Ireland’s recovery

If Ireland can get its act together and recover, why can’t Greece? This chart provides the answer.

How much does it cost to map the solar system?

Nasa’s Pluto mission cost $700m. But that’s cheap compared to some of Nasa’s more famous missions. Here, Mischa Frankl-Duval looks at the price of the final frontier.

Iran and the West reach a deal

Iran will place limits on its nuclear programme in return for an end to almost a decade of economic isolation.

The oil price war is set to get vicious

In a bid to squeeze US shale producers out of the market, Saudi Arabia has been pumping more oil than ever. Now, with Iran set to re-enter the oil market, things are going to get nasty, says John Stepek.

The Merryn Somerset Webb interview: What democracies can learn from China

The election cycle is too short-termist to deal with our long-term economic problems, says Dambisa Moyo

Is Greece just the first domino to fall?

Greece isn’t the only debt-fuelled danger to the world economy, says John Stepek. There are plenty of others lurking out there. So what are they – and what comes next?

Puerto Rico: A messy crisis in the Caribbean

Puerto Rico’s feckless governing class has landed the Caribbean island with debts it can’t pay.

Crisis-fighting central banks are out of ammo

Central banks have used up their tricks and won’t be able to fight another crisis.

Networked terrorism for the internet age

Behind these seemingly random attacks, such as in Tunisia, lies a unifying ideology of terrorism.

China’s land grab in the South China Sea

China has extended its reach over the Spratly Islands, which lie in the South China Sea, rattling its neighbours. Simon Wilson and Hector Reid report.

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