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Is TTIP off the table?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has met with opposition from French President François Hollande and from the public. Can it be salvaged? Simon Wilson reports.

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Jim Rogers: global economy heading for a crisis

A massive build-up of debt will plunge the world economy back into turmoil, believes investment guru Jim Rogers.

The Brexit battle is just a symptom of the change sweeping the globe

Since the financial crisis, upheaval, nationalism and populism are rising all over the globe as people vote for anything but “more of the same”. John Stepek looks at what’s happening.

Chart of the week: the shifting picture of GDP growth

GDP figures for individual countries are under almost constant revision with most predictions too pessimistic – except for America.

Why the US Federal Reserve is winning the battle of the central banks

Central banks are desperately trying to control the markets – and some are finding it difficult. But not the US Federal Reserve. John Stepek explains why the Fed has the easiest job in central banking.

What will central bankers do next?

Central bankers can move markets. So you need to know what they’re up to. Here’s what we can learn from their latest decisions, and what their next moves may be.

How to make money in a greying world

Fewer babies are being born and the elderly are living longer. That’s a demographic time bomb for economies, but smart investors can profit from the trend, says Jonathan Compton.

The Panama Papers scandal

The leak of millions of documents from a Panama law firm has propelled the world of offshore investments into the headlines. What’s the fuss about? Simon Wilson reports.

Should we do away with tax havens?

The British Virgin Islands have borne the brunt of the public’s rage over tax havens. Is it time we got rid of them? Chris Carter investigates.

Politicians’ tax returns: who pays what

The country’s most high-profile politicians have been falling over themselves to show off their earnings and the amount of tax they paid. Here’s who got what.

Time to duck: ‘government by headline’ is back

David Cameron’s dilemma over the Panama Papers is a symptom of our flawed tax regime. But it’s what we’re stuck with, says John Stepek. And it’s going to get worse.

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