Global economy

US steps up sanctions on Russia

While Europe has been reluctant to impose sanctions on Russia, the US is getting tough.

How the West can win in Ukraine

The West needs to engage with Russia, and avoid pushing Vladimir Putin into a corner.

Indonesia’s new reformist leader

Joko Widodo may have won Indonesia’s presidential election, but reforming the economy won’t be easy.

The 'Ikea indicator' says buy Indonesia

Swedish retail giant Ikea is about to set up shop in Indonesia. Lars Henriksson explains why that’s great news for investors, and how you could profit.

Three ways to protect yourself from a dying dollar

In a hugely significant development, emerging markets are mounting a serious challenge to the West’s financial institutions. Bengt Saelensminde explains what it could mean for you.

We could be facing a financial Cold War

As tensions between the West and Russia increase, and the US imposes harsher sanctions, John Stepek looks at how the threat of financial Cold War could affect the markets.

Wobble sparks euro fears

Jitters over a Portuguese bank bring back memories of the worst of the eurozone crisis.

How to invest in the battle against ageing

As life expectancy increases, pharmas and biotechs pioneering treatments for the diseases of old age will profit handsomely, says Matthew Partridge.

There aren’t many under-priced assets around – but cash is one of them

What can you do when everything is expensive? Don’t dismiss cash, says John Stepek.

Chart of the week: Ireland’s economic recovery gathers momentum

Ireland’s recovery is picking up speed, but it still has a long way to go before it takes off.

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