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It’s time to board the flight to quality

There’s been no shortage of things to worry about this year, says Tim Price. Investors should take action to protect their wealth.

The world is still drowning in debt

Almost eight years after the credit crunch began, the world’s debt pile is higher than ever – but don’t count on us making much of a dent in it.

The great corporate tax dodge

President Obama wants America to clamp down on businesses avoiding their taxes. Can he succeed? And how big a problem is it anyway? Matthew Partridge reports.

Chart of the day: Key indicator points to gloom

The Baltic Dry index – a widely watched leading indicator of global growth – has slid by 60% to a 29-year low over the past three months.

Pippa Malmgren: ‘biflation’ is coming, and it's going to hurt

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist and former US presidential adviser Pippa Malmgren about how the contest between powerful deflationary and inflationary forces will create real pain for the public.

Kowtowing to the Saudi king

Saudi Arabia is a vicious dictatorship, yet the death of the king recently led to warm words of tribute from Western leaders. Why? Matthew Partridge reports.

The oil price crash and European QE will pop London’s property bubble

London property prices have reached ludicrous heights. Dr Matthew Partridge looks at what could pop the bubble, and how far prices could fall.

A lesson from Winnie-the-Pooh for a Europe that's gorging on ECB honey

Just like Winnie-the-Pooh, the eurozone is going to have to go on a diet to get itself out of the hole it’s stuck in, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Is Oxfam being alarmist about global poverty?

Oxfam’s claim that the wealthiest 1% own 48% of the world’s wealth has come under serious scrutiny.

Braced for the 'new normal' in China

It’s not the quantity of Chinese growth that is important, but the quality.

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