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Currency Corner: this trend looks very promising for the Canadian dollar

The "loonie" has been on something of a roll against the euro since 2018. Dominic Frisby checks the charts to see where the Canadian dollar is heading…
23 Aug 2019

Where did it all go right for the euro?

SPONSORED CONTENT - The European currency is alive and kicking. Jake Trask, research director at forex house OFX, explains how the euro became a stron…
21 Dec 2017

The shrinking forex market

The foreign-exchange market is the biggest in the world – but it is getting smaller, according to the Bank for International Settlements.
16 Dec 2016
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Has EUR/USD started a new bear trend?

The odds are stacking up, suggesting that the rally in the euro vs the dollar is over, says John C Burford.
6 Apr 2016
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Did you find the path of least resistance in EUR/USD?

John C Burford outlines a trade in the euro vs the dollar in the wake of the US Federal Reserve’s most recent announcement.
18 Mar 2016
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Two perfect patterns are forming in the charts

Two textbook patterns are forming in the charts, says John C Burford. The analysis speaks for itself.
18 Dec 2015
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How I cashed in on the ‘Draghi Bounce’

John C Burford looks to profit from the effect of Mario Draghi’s interest rate decision on the pound versus the dollar.
11 Dec 2015
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Speculators are massively short the euro – but I think it’s about to turn

Speculators are queueing up to bet against the euro, with bears outnumbering bulls by 33 to one. But the downward trend could be about to reverse, say…
27 Nov 2015

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I need one more signal to confirm a euro rally

The euro is currently searching for a low – and has just hit a vital target, says John C Burford.. Could this be the start of a major relief rally?
23 Nov 2015

Be conservative in the FX markets

Foreign-exchange trading – also known as currency trading, forex, or FX – is a particularly popular choice with people who are new to online trading. …
19 Oct 2015
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The Aussie dollar has hit a new low – here’s how I’m playing it

The Australian dollar has declined into new low ground. John C Burford looks to the charts to find likely places to take profits.
8 Jul 2015
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It’ll be an explosive weekend for the euro – but my outlook is bullish

Most people believe 'Grexit' would be bearish for the euro. John C Burford disagrees, and looks to the charts for clues.
3 Jul 2015
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I couldn’t see through the euro fog – but a perfect trading opportunity presented itself

John C Burford was taking a break from spread betting the euro – until this irresistible trade popped up.
3 Jun 2015

Hedge your bets against forex turmoil

Does it make sense to hedge your currency exposure, or is it likely to result in lower returns? Cris Sholto Heaton investigates.
10 Apr 2015
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The euro’s hitting powerful resistance, but a big rally could be on the cards

We could be at the start of a major rally in the euro, says spread betting expert John C Burford. Here, he explains why.
8 Apr 2015

The pound is in for a bumpy ride

On a trade-weighted basis, the pound has hit its highest level since the summer of 2008. But the next few months could be very different.
20 Mar 2015
Investment strategy

What happens if your broker goes bust?

Money belonging to Alpari's clients is currently trapped in the firm. Cris Sholto Heaton looks at the rules for getting your money back.
23 Jan 2015
Stocks and shares

Alpari UK: what happens when your broker goes bust?

Alpari UK is the first big forex broker to fall victim to the Swiss National Bank's shock decision. John Stepek looks at what it means for Alpari's cu…
16 Jan 2015
Investment strategy

Keep your head when trading forex

Currency or 'forex' trading is particularly popular with those who are new to trading. But beware, the risks are plentiful.
16 Oct 2014
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The euro remains wobbly vs the US dollar

John C Burford demonstrates the sheer profit-making power of Elliott wave theory with a trade in the euro.
25 Jul 2014

The currencies to bet on now

Professional currency trader Fadi Zaher reveals three ways investors can benefit from a stronger dollar in the medium to long term.
21 Jul 2014
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Avoiding the pitfalls in currency trading

If you're planning to dabble in foreign exchange (FX) trading, it's important to know how to limit your risks right from the get-go.
14 Apr 2014
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Watch out – the euro is headed lower

A 'kiss' in the charts is indicating a decline in the euro against the dollar. John C Burford hunts for other clues to help firm up his forecast.
12 Feb 2014

How to trade in the forex markets

It's not hard to see why currency trading is so popular. But fail to take the proper precautions, and you could lose more than you bargained for.
16 Oct 2013
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This simple method just made me 350 points of profit

John C Burford's Australian dollar trade is throwing up some great tramlines, pinpointing a textbook low-risk trade.
17 Sep 2012
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Why euro bulls may stay lucky

With the eurozone in such a mess, everyone is expecting the single currency to plummet at any moment. But there are still some good reasons to stay l…
17 Apr 2012

Spread betters should short the euro

The euro is riding high on the euphoria from the latest deal to save Greece. But the package comes at quite a price, says Tim Bennett. And it's certai…
21 Feb 2012
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Is the euro now in a bull market?

Despite the turmoil in Europe, the euro is rallying against the dollar. John C Burford thinks this could just be part of something big. Here, he expla…
20 Jan 2012

Buy the greenback and sell the Aussie dollar

The forex market promises to be a volatile trading ground this year. So, what will be the best bets in the months ahead?
6 Jan 2012
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How to play a short, sharp rise in the Indian rupee

India's rupee is down 18% against the US dollar since March. But smart spread betters might want to position themselves for a short-term bounce, says …
12 Dec 2011
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Why I think the euro has one year left

The collapse of Europe's single currency is inevitable, says Bengt Saelensminde. Here, he outlines a simple trade to profit from the breakup of the eu…
12 Dec 2011
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Why the euro is still a short bet

Markets reacted to the Federal Reserve's European 'rescue' deal may have given the euro a temporary boost, but don't be fooled, says Tim Bennett.
5 Dec 2011
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Three things to remember before spread betting the euro

The euro is a tempting target for spread betters at the moment. But before you dive in, there are three things you must remember, says Tim Bennett.
10 Nov 2011
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The powerful waves washing over the euro market

Right now, the euro/dollar market is displaying some powerful and exciting Elliott waves, says John C Burford. Played well, they could lead to some ve…
12 Sep 2011
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Three tips for new forex spread betters

Spread betting on currencies in the foreign exchange markets can be a great way to make profits fast. But it can also mean heavy losses. Here, Tim Ben…
25 Aug 2011
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Are CFDs better than spread bets?

According to a recent survey, 62% of contract for difference (CFD) traders claim gains in the last twelve month, compared to just 50% of spread better…
12 Apr 2011
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Why timing is so important when trading currencies

Currency markets can move extremely quickly, and traders have to be on their toes to spot profit opportunities. Here, John C Burford illustrates the i…
21 Mar 2011
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Six vital numbers for a forex spread better

What should spread betters keep an eye on to spot the next move in their favourite currency? Here are six vital numbers that can all influence an exch…
18 Mar 2011

Why sterling could conquer the Aussie dollar in 2011

Tim Bennett explains why this may not be a great year for the Aussie dollar.
7 Jan 2011
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Three tips for forex spread betters

With the major currencies bouncing around all over the place, many spread betters will be tempted to try their hand in the forex markets. But before y…
16 Nov 2010
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Spread betting: profit from eurozone chaos

The economic mess that Europe is in means that now could be a great time for spread betters to short the euro. But against what?
12 Nov 2010
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Three numbers all currency spread betters should watch

Currency trades can be done quickly, cheaply and 24 hours a day, five days a week. So what are the key economic indicators that a currency trader shou…
26 Oct 2010

Prepare to short the euro

The threat of a double-dip is hanging over the global economy. European banks, among the weakest links in the financial sector, remain over-stretched.…
17 Sep 2010
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Profit from volatility with forex

While markets hate uncertainty, it can also present opportunities. And the extra volatility it has created in the foreign-exchange market recently has…
21 May 2010
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Why now's a good time to buy the Canadian dollar

Canada, with its wealth of natural resources, is bouncing back nicely from the global recession, with interest rates set to rise. That means it's a go…
26 Apr 2010
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Fast and furious: how to play currencies

Sooner or later many spread betters are tempted by the biggest market in the world – foreign exchange. It's fast, furious and vast sums are won and lo…
20 Apr 2010

Where to place your bets in the currency markets

It's never been easier to invest in foreign currencies. But it is an extremely risky business. Here, John Stepek looks at the state of the world's maj…
19 Mar 2010

Sterling: the start of the collapse?

Sterling hit the deck this week and it's hard to imagine it recovering any time soon. So are we seeing the beginning of its collapse?
5 Mar 2010

The safest way to play the currency markets

With the pound shedding value at an alarming rate, shorting sterling looks like a good bet. But before you pile in, beware. Every major currency is in…
2 Mar 2010