UK stock markets

The brutal global stockmarket crash that hit Britain hardest

In the latest of his series on stockmarket crashes, John Stepek looks at probably the worst in living memory: the crash of 1973/74.

SMEs get a procurement leg up

Just 23% of SMEs have worked for the public sector over the past 12 months. But the government has set a target of awarding a third of all procurement spending to SMEs by 2020.

Dixons Carphone dials the wrong number

Dixons Carphone could be facing a double whammy: smartphone fatigue and a fall in demand for electronics. Alice Gråhns reports.

The walking wounded of the FTSE

Britain’s benchmark index has been awash with profit warnings of late. John Stepek looks at what’s going on.

Telit: a classic Aim scandal

Aim-listed firm Telit Communications lost more than half its market value in a matter of days after its CEO, Oozi Cats, was linked to an old fraud case.

Worldpay goes global

Vantiv’s takeover of Worldpay, the UK payments processor, makes strategic sense. But will shareholders benefit? Alice Gråhns reports.

The cloud over retail has a silver lining

A sense of gloom hangs over the retail sector – but pick the right stocks at the right price and there are still potential pots of gold out there for long-term buyers, says Phil Oakley.

How cash flows move markets

Investors fret over valuations and geopolitics, but there are bigger forces at work that weigh on prices. CrossBorder Capital’s Michael J Howell explains.

Barclays goes on trial

Four former banking executives have been charged with fraud over the bailout of Barclays by Qatar in 2008. Will the trial really be in the public interest? Simon Wilson reports.

The “intelligent fanatics” who inspire greatness

What is it that makes great business leaders stand out from the crowd? Two American small-cap investors think they have found the answer, reports Richard Beddard.

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