Emerging markets

The end is nigh – so it’s time to pile into miners and emerging markets

The end of the long-running bull market in equities is near, says Dominic Frisby. Investors should turn to “late-cycle assets” – mining stocks and emerging markets.

Nicolás Maduro: Son of Chavez hunkers down

Venezuela would have much to gain from seeing the back of its president, Nicolás Maduro. Sadly, there’s not much chance of that.

Why you should back tortoises in Asia

When buying Asian-focused funds for your portfolio, it’s worth investing with managers who take a long-term view, says Max King.

Venezuela’s crisis comes to a head

The United States considers the nuclear option of slapping a ban on the importation of Venezuelan oil.

The "Duterte discount" in the Philippines

Once widely dubbed “the sick man of Asia”, the Philippines has turned into another Asian tiger, with World Bank thinking the economy will grow by more than 6% a year in the eight years to 2019.

Brazil gets the benefit of the doubt

Investors appear to have become immune to Brazil’s dysfunctional politics.

South Korea is astoundingly dynamic – but should you invest there?

South Korea’s post-war success, driven by the dynamism of its people, is an astounding economic feat. But has it translated into stockmarket returns, and should you invest? Dominic Frisby investigates.

What next for Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s niche as a secure gateway to China is under threat as China opens its markets to foreign money.

Five high-quality EM funds

Emerging markets offer plenty of potential, but the standard of listed companies is often poor. Cris Sholto Heaton picks five funds that focus on better-quality businesses.

Is China turning Japanese?

The key question for China now is whether it can avoid repeating the fate of Japan in 1989 and its “lost decades”.

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