Emerging markets

Can Mahathir Mohamad remake Malaysia?

The election victory of Mahathir Mohamad was a triumph for Malaysian democracy, but stocks slipped back on the news.

A simple lesson from Turkey for investors: rising authoritarianism is bearish

Turkey’s currency is collapsing. Money is flooding out of the country. Investors have lost all confidence. It’s a prime example of just how important good governance is, says John Stepek.

There’s no need to flee emerging markets

Investors are worried that Argentina and Turkey could be the first two dominoes to fall in a wider emerging-markets crisis.

Turkey’s economic goose may be cooked

Turkish stocks have lost 20% this year and the Turkish lira has slipped by more than 10% against the US dollar.

Investors excited by Vietnam - the “mini-China”

Vietnamese stocks have produced the best gains in Asia so far this year, with investors enticed by Vietnam’s ‘mini-China’ story”.

Russian stocks are cheap for a reason

Russia may be cheap – but that certainly doesn’t make it good value. If its stand-off with the West goes on, Russia could become a total pariah state in investment terms.

Thailand turns Japanese

With inflation remaining stubbornly low, there is something of Japan a quarter of a century ago about Thailand.

Why real change is finally coming to Africa

Corruption, inequality and a reliance on natural resources have prevented sub-Saharan Africa from achieving its potential – but the region is gradually moving in the right direction. Matthew Partridge reports.

A smoother ride in emerging markets

Terry Smith’s trust should come into its own during bear markets, says Max King.

Putin won’t change Russia

Russia’s economy is stagnating, but Vladimir Putin – in power for 18 years and set for six more – shows scant interest in doing anything about it.

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