Pensions are changing. Old-style defined-benefits pensions are disappearing. State coffers are running dry. And the government is constantly fiddling with the pensions rules. A comfortable retirement is by no means guaranteed.

So now more than ever it’s vital that you build up a healthy pot of money that you can draw on to fund your retirement. At MoneyWeek, we can help you do that. Not only accumulating your pension pot throughout your working years, but also making sure it produces the income you need to enjoy your retirement.

Latest articles on pensions

Passing on the perks

Private pensions can be a good way of sheltering assets from inheritance tax. David Prosser explains.

Good news for defined-benefits pensions

A rate rise or two could make the defined-benefits pensions deficit simply disappear, says Merryn Somerset Webb. In the meantime, there are a couple of things pension fund managers could do to help things along.

Small businesses are shouldering a new pensions burden

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Small firms must soon pay more into their workers’ pension funds, says David Prosser.

Retirees tap their homes for cash

Although equity-release products are becoming increasingly popular, don’t forget the risks, says David Prosser.

Simplify shopping around for pension products

Pension products are complex and there is no easy way to compare deals. David Prosser reports.

Take advantage of pension tax breaks with a Sipp

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Isas are a good choice for most types of saving, but your workplace pension and/or a self-invested personal pension can be a better option for your retirement.

Making the most of the seven ages of investment

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Your financial needs change as you get older, so your investment strategy needs to evolve in response. Matthew Partridge explains the key principles for making and keeping wealth throughout your life.

Where to stash your retirement savings

If you’ve hit your pension allowance limits, you’ll need to find another home for your cash, says David Prosser.

Track down your lost pension savings

If you don’t seek out your old pensions, you could lose them to charities under new government plans, says David Prosser.

Getting help for victims of vulture pension advisors

If you want to complain about pension advice or how your scheme is run, don’t expect it to be an easy road.

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