The EU referendum will not drag on, whatever the result

Boris Johnson © Getty Images
Whatever the result of the referendum it is in everyone’s interests to accept it

I interviewed Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson today. We talked about a few interesting things – see my piece here and in the magazine.

One thing we didn’t talk about much is Brexit – it isn’t that relevant for this election. But I did ask her before I left if she could see anyway of the UK avoiding the neverendum situation Scotland seems to be in at the moment.

The SNP, despite all pre referendum promises have never accepted the (very clear) referendum result and go on endlessly about holding another (they are to start pushing again in the summer they say). This is really bad for Scotland’s economy and really bad for Scotland’s social cohesion. How can it be stopped after the Brexit vote?

Davidson, as usual, has an interesting take on this. There’s nothing to worry about here, she says. The problem in Scotland is that “it is so clearly in one party’s interest to keep the wound and fissure open.” Nationalism works for the SNP so why let it go?

But it isn’t in the interest of any one party in the wider UK to hang on to the anger. Both main parties are split between Leavers and Remainers so whatever the result it will be in their interests to accept it and to make the best of whatever it is. Fingers crossed for that.