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Libra, Facebook’s faux cryptocurrency, could really take off

Facebook Libra cryptocurrency © Getty Images

Libra, the proposed new cryptocurrency from Facebook, could be huge, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Not because it is a cryptocurrency. But because it isn’t.

Disappointing employment figures mask a much rosier picture

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The May employment report in the US was mildly disappointing. But in America, as in the UK and Europe, the labour market is looking super strong, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Labour’s land reform proposals are putting the cart before the horse

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There is much to agree with in Labour’s report on land reform. But any new proposals will inevitably will just add another layer of tax and bureaucracy on top of an already unmanageable system.

The bull market’s secret weapon

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The bull market may be a little long in the tooth. But it’s not over yet, says Merryn Somerset Webb. And the huge productivity boom from widespread digitalisation will prolong it further.

Neil Woodford’s failure isn’t just about his incompetence – it’s about much more than that

Neil Woodford

Neil Woodford’s failure isn’t just a result of poor performance, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It’s down to a failure of governance and the very structure of the fund itself.

Investors beware: regulators are moving in on the big tech companies

Apps on a smartphone © Getty Images

Regulatory action against the big tech companies should serve as a warning to investors of just how fragile these stocks’ valuations are.

Don’t use your pension to buy a house

House for sale sign © Getty Images

The frankly stupid idea that pension-fund cash should be available to be used for a house has reared its ugly head again. It should be fiercely resisted, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Time to ditch the monthly payroll

Payslip © Getty Images

Paying people once a month is an outdated hangover from the days of pen and paper. Employers need to get creative or lose out, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Why I’ve changed my mind about the pension savings lifetime allowance

Piles of £20 notes © Getty Images

I used to think the lifetime pension savings allowance was a terrible idea, says Merryn Somerset Webb. I’ve changed my mind on that. But there are some things about the pensions system that I will never agree with.

Forget Buffett: if it’s value stocks you want, here’s what to buy

Warren Buffett © Getty Images

Warren Buffett was once a value investor. Now he’s buying big tech. Merryn Somerset Webb asks Lyrical Asset Management’s Andrew Wellington: “Where’s the real value now?”

Don’t buy into tech company IPOs

Uber minicab © Getty Images

Tech firms are listing on the stockmarket in their droves, with their private-equity backers raking in the cash. That’s perfectly sensible. What’s not so sensible is the number of retail investors buying in.

A cheap, one-stop shop for global equities

Global stock index board © Getty Images

The UK is short of funds offering diversified but very active and intelligent exposure to the global equity market on the cheap. Thankfully, that’s just what Alliance Trust is turning into, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

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