Don’t like “Brexit”? Vote here for a new word to describe the UK leaving the EU

Leave supporter wearing party hat © Getty images
It’s time to put a positive spin on things

A few weeks ago I asked you to think of a new way to describe the process of the UK leaving the European Union. “Brexit” doesn’t sound nice any more. It offers no sense of optimism or hope – and it carries the weight of the nastiness of much of the campaign. So we reckoned that the post-vote fresh start might do well to find a new word.

You liked the idea – and you sent in some brilliant suggestions. A few of them (we don’t think they all came from Leavers!): Brelaunch, Brevado, Brevura, Bresolve, Brevive, Bresurgence, Brevival, Bresolution, Brexciting, Brekfree, Bresurrection Breincarnation Bredemption, Breclaim, Brebirth, Brescape, Brevision, Breset, Brenewal, Breedom, Breincarnation, Bremocracy, Breformation, Brenewal, Bregeneration, Br-eu-haha, Bregain, Brevive, Brinthenickoftime, Bresuscitation, Brenew, Brexodus, Brevolution, Brexability, Breedom, Breformation, Brincarnation, Brelease, Brescape, Breprieve, De-NO-EUment, Brevitilisation, Brexcite, Brexodous.

That’s a lot of ideas. We’ve had a run through (and a row) in the MoneyWeek office and we’ve cut it down to the best five. Now we are handing it over to you (referendum style). Cast your vote below (and assuming we like the result) the word will begin to replace Brexit in the magazine.