The British equity market is shrinking

British startups are abandoning public stockmarkets and turning to deep-pocketed Silicon Valley venture capitalists for their investment needs.

Currency Corner: it might be time to back the euro against the yen

The euro is shaping up for a nice buy signal against the yen, says Dominic Frisby.

UK stocks fear Hurricane Corbyn

Bankers and investors are worried that an unprecedented hurricane in the form of Jeremy Corbyn could be hurtling their way on 12 December.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

Brazil passes pensions reform

Brazil has finally completed a long-awaited overhaul of its pension system.

Saudi Aramco heads to market in history's biggest IPO

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil colossus, is set to float on its home market. Are the shares appealing?

Mothercare’s inevitable demise

Mothercare’s UK arm has gone into administration, But that’s hardly any surprise.

Ready to motor: it’s platinum’s turn to shine

Palladium and rhodium have outstripped platinum in the past few years. But thanks to the advent of fuel-cell cars, that could soon change, says Dominic Frisby.

Why investors shouldn’t overlook Europe

Ollie Beckett, manager of the TR European Growth Trust, tackles investor questions around Europe’s economic outlook and the consequences of further quantitative easing on the continent’s equity market.

No one cares about the oil market – that’s why it’s a good time to invest

The best time to invest in a market is when things are quiet. And right now, there’s no market quieter than oil. Dominic Frisby picks the best way to buy in.

Top ten funds to profit from a Boris Brexit bounce

City analysts are pondering a once-unthinkable scenario: what if it all goes right for Boris Johnson? David Stevenson picks the funds he thinks will perform the best from a Brexit bounce.

Time to short Twitter stocks

Twitter, the social media website, is under pressure from regulators and advertisers. In the past week, the company’s shares have plunged by around 20%.

Emerging markets: buy when the news is bad

Emerging markets are being squeezed by local turmoil and by more general factors. But bad news can spell opportunity for investors.

The Saudi Aramco IPO could mark the bottom for oil

Big flotations or mergers often mark the top of a market. But the Saudi Aramco IPO could mark a bottom. And that spells opportunity, says John Stepek.

Four sustainable stocks that will crush the competition

Professional investor Ben Goldsmith picks four environmentally sustainable stocks with competitive advantages that should shield them from risks in a rapidly changing world.

How debt has broken the breakdown recovery business

Both the RAC and AA have been saddled with huge debts by private equity owners. It;s not done them any favours at all.

How to invest in US stocks on the cheap

Investing in US stocks used to be an expensive hassle. Not any more, says David Stevenson.

HSBC is past its sell-by date – it needs to be split up

A radical break-up of HSBC may be the only way to save the sprawling banking conglomerate, says Matthew Lynn.

Quantum computing: a giant leap forwards

Quantum supercomputers had existed only in the imaginations of physicists, but now Google says it has built one. What are the implications? Simon Wilson reports.

The charts that matter: China’s scepticism on Trump

With China sceptical of getting a trade deal out of Donald Trump, John Stepek looks at how that affects the charts that matter most to the global economy.

The troubled legacy of Mario Draghi, saviour of the euro

Mario Draghi may have rescued the euro in its darkest hour, but failed in his only official mission of keeping inflation within its target range.

The US dollar looks set to become a lot weaker

Many in the US and abroad would welcome a weaker dollar. And they might just get it.

Currency Corner: is sterling finally on the comeback trail?

Sterling seems to work in an eight-year cycle, says Dominic Frisby. And that cycle is suggesting several good years ahead for the pound.

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek’s comprehensive guide to the best of this week’s share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages.

Argentina: new face, old problems

Argentina elected left-winger Alberto Fernández as president. The previous business-friendly presidency ended in disaster. But Peronists have an equally calamitous record.

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