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Investing in technology

Technology is moving astoundingly quickly. The pace of change in the fields of artificial intelligence, renewable energy and the "internet of things", for instance, can make it hard for investors to keep up. But if you aren't on top of the latest developments, you risk losing out.

At MoneyWeek, we can help you invest in technology by bringing you news of the latest developments and the companies and tech stocks to buy.
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How to invest in technology

Video tutorial: How to invest in tech stocks

The technology sector can be hugely profitable for investors. But how do you pick the right companies? In this video tutorial, Ed Bowsher explains how to invest in tech stocks.

The tech sector has grown too powerful – now it’s in the firing line

The row over the misuse of Facebook users’ data has caused its share to price slide. John Stepek asks if this marks the turning point for tech stocks.

All hands on tech! China’s giants set sail for the wider world

Firms such as Alibaba and Tencent already dominate ecommerce in China – now they’re expanding their reach. Investors should back them – at least for now, says Rupert Foster.

We need more job-killing robots

Many people fear the takeover of robots in the workplace. But it’s not fewer robots we need, says Matthew Lynn. It’s more.

Chart of the week: the monster gains in tech stocks

The past few years have seen a major global tech-stock boom, with the world’s eight biggest firms collectively gaining around $1.7trn in market value.

Walmart fights off Amazon

Amazon looked set to cause trouble for traditional retail giant Walmart. But there’s life in the old dog yet, says Alice Gråhns.

Profit from the gold rush in data-mining

As new technologies become ever more sophisticated, we’re generating mind-boggling volumes of data. The firms capable of analysing big data are sitting on a gold mine, says Ben Judge.

The future of flight: from London to New York in just 29 minutes

Elon Musk reckons he can launch a hypersonic rocket by 2022, while groundbreaking work is also going on in the UK. The sector could soon present fresh opportunities, says Chris Carter.

The tech disrupters are about to be disrupted

The next prime candidate for disruption is the industry we think of as being the biggest disrupter – big tech.

Cheap technology is improving our lives

Investors are throwing money at tech stocks, subsidising everything from movies to cabs. It’s a huge transfer of wealth into the hands of ordinary consumers, says Matthew Lynn.

Don’t bet on the high street being wiped out by Amazon

Received wisdom has it that Amazon will eventually wipe traditional retailers from the face of the earth. But John Stepek’s not so sure. Here’s why.

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