Investing in property

UK house price indices

The Halifax and Nationwide indices are based on each lender's mortgage approvals, and exclude cash sales. Both are "seasonally-adjusted" – the market is slower in winter and busier in spring. The Rightmove index is based on sellers' initial asking prices, and the ONS (Office for National Statistics) index is based on data including house prices, mortgages, transactions and land prices.

How to invest in GPs’ surgeries

Doctors tend to be reliable payers of rent, says Sarah Moore. Consider this Reit to tap into that steady income stream.

The boom in flexible offices

Remote workers and start-ups have driven a shift towards shared offices. Will it survive a recession, asks Sarah Moore.

The great buy-to-let sell up

In a rare example of government action having the intended effect, buy-to-let landlords are selling up, and that could mean house prices falling.

Gold looks a better bet than UK property – here’s why

Dominic Frisby looks at the historical relationship between UK house prices and gold, and concludes that your money is better off in the yellow metal than bricks and mortar.

New protection for tenants and leaseholders

The government wants to prevent tenants and leaseholders being exploited by agents, says Emma Lunn.

Duck the buy-to-let tax change

Using a limited company means higher-rate taxpayers can still get full tax relief on mortgage interest, says Emma Lunn.

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