Investing in property

UK house price indices

The Halifax and Nationwide indices are based on each lender's mortgage approvals, and exclude cash sales. Both are "seasonally-adjusted" – the market is slower in winter and busier in spring. The Rightmove index is based on sellers' initial asking prices, and the ONS (Office for National Statistics) index is based on data including house prices, mortgages, transactions and land prices.

How to avoid Airbnb headaches

Short-term lets on Airbnb can be a good way of making spare cash, but make sure you’re covered, says Sarah Moore.

House prices in the UK are now falling – which is great news

UK house prices are falling. But don’t panic. This modest decline is the best-case scenario, says John Stepek, and a full-on crash is looking unlikely. Here’s why.

An alternative to rent deposits

Deposit-free renting promises to shake up the market, but does it really help? Emma Lunn reports.

WeWork is in a world of its own

WeWork, the flexible office provider, knows what people want, but is expanding too quickly.

What does 2019 hold for UK house prices?

Last year, we finally saw some sanity returning to the UK property market, with house prices falling in real terms. John Stepek looks at what to expect this year.

Logistics statistics are stacking up for investors

European e-commerce is set to follow the UK’s lead. Opportunities should follow for investors in logistics, says Sarah Moore.

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