Investing in property

UK house price indices

The Halifax and Nationwide indices are based on each lender's mortgage approvals, and exclude cash sales. Both are "seasonally-adjusted" – the market is slower in winter and busier in spring. The Rightmove index is based on sellers' initial asking prices, and the ONS (Office for National Statistics) index is based on data including house prices, mortgages, transactions and land prices.

Trying times for buy-to-let landlords

Buy-to-let investors must keep on top of new government regulations as well as tax changes, says Emma Lunn.

Shared suffering in house prices

The young and the old both think they had it worse when buying a house, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But shared misery is coming.

Stick with the old-favourite real estate investment trusts

There’s no need to snap up overpriced shares in newer property funds when two heavyweight reits are so cheap, says Max King.

What the US housing market reveals about future inflation

Where the US economy leads, the world often follows. And right now, the US housing market is booming again. Here’s what that means for inflation and for you.

Residential funds: buying houses without the hassle

With buy-to-let an increasingly unattractive option, residential funds may appeal to more investors, says Emma Lunn.

Prefab houses off the production line

One day soon, we’ll be making houses in much the same way as we make cars, says Merryn Somerset Webb – in the factory.

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