Greatest investors

Charles Plowden: where to find long-term growth

Charles Plowden

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to professional investor Charles Plowden about investing for long-term growth, and where to find companies that will give above average returns.

Victor Niederhoffer: the world’s greatest investors

Victor Niederhoffer set out to disprove the efficient market hypothesis, prevalent among economists at the time.

Bruce Kovner: The world’s greatest investors

Bruce Kovner © Rex Features

Bruce Kovner achieved success by using a mixture of fundamental and technical investment analysis.

David Ricardo: the world’s greatest investors

David Ricardo © Alamy

David Ricardo’s status was made during the Battle of Waterloo, spreading false rumours to manipulate the market.

Walter Schloss: the world’s greatest investors

Walter Schloss

Walter Schloss focused on companies that were selling below what he considered to be the value of their net assets.

Charles Heenan: the value of doing nothing

Charles Heenan and Merryn Somerset Webb

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to value investor Charles Heenan of Kennox Asset Management about his investment strategy – and the financial benefits of doing nothing for long periods of time.

Mario Gabelli: the world’s greatest investors

Gabelli likens investing to poker: you collect information, evaluate it and use it to project what will happen in the future, says Matthew Partridge.

Blair Hull: The world’s greatest investors

Blair Hull

Legendary investor Blair Hull made a series of very successful trades based on his reading of market sentiment.

Nick Greenwood: the three things to buy now

Nick Greenwood and Merryn Somerset Webb

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to fund manager Nick Greenwood about why you should buy investment trusts over open-ended funds, and his three favourite areas to invest in now.

Ray Dalio: The world’s greatest investors

Investment legend Ray Dalio’s basic idea is to base investment decisions on macroeconomic analysis. Matthew Partridge explains.

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