Greatest investors

The world’s greatest investors: David Tepper

For much of his career, David Tepper has focused on buying emerging market and corporate debt.

The world’s greatest investors: James Robert Keene

James Robert Keene invested using a combination of fundamental analysis, attempting to gauge market sentiment and going with his gut instinct

The world’s greatest investors: Bill Nygren

Nygren is a value investor who looks for companies that he thinks are trading below what he considers to be their intrinsic value.

The world’s greatest investors: Harry Nimmo

Harry Nimmo

Harry Nimmo focuses on smaller companies, using a bag of valuation tools, called “the Matrix”.

The world’s greatest investors: Michael Burry

Michael Burry’s ambitious bet against the American mortgage market earned him personal profits of $100m.

The world’s greatest investors: Carl Stick

Carl Stick

Carl Stick considers himself a value investor, buying great companies at good prices. It’s worked for him so far…

The world’s greatest investors: Jim Chanos

Jim Chanos analyses the balance sheets of companies in an attempt to spot signs of potential fraud.

Jerome Kohlberg Jr: The world’s greatest investors

Jerome Kohlberg Jr started out focusing on “bootstrap” deals, whereby he’d set up a shell company to buy a firm from a retiring owner.

Susie Rippingall: the world’s greatest investors

Susie Rippingall

Susie Rippingall’s strategy was to look for small and undervalued companies in Asia in which to invest.

Thomas Russo: the world’s greatest investors

A focus on long-term compounding became the core of Thomas Russo’s investment strategy.

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