Greatest investors

The world’s greatest investors: Hugh Young

Hugo Young

Effective companies are about people working well together, says Hugo Young, manager of the Aberdeen Global Asia Pacific Equity Fund.

The world’s greatest investors: Angela Lascelles

Angela Lascelles

Angela Lascelles was told she could never go into investment management as she was female, says Matthew Partridge. So, she did it anyway.

The balance between value and growth

Japanese robotic car manufacturers © Getty images

Investors need to go a long way to find sensibly priced stocks today, but Japan and the US still offer pockets of value, Simon Edelsten tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

The world’s greatest investors: Peter Spiller

Peter Spiller

Over time, Peter Spiller changed the strategy of the Capital Gearing Trust to focus on preserving capital.

The world’s greatest investors: David Einhorn

David Einhorn © Getty images

Greenlight Capital, run by David Einhorn, adopts a long-short strategy, taking long and short positions.

The world’s greatest investors: Francisco García Paramés

Spanish value investor Francisco García Paramés has enjoyed annualised returns of 16% over 25 years.

The world’s greatest investors: Cheah Cheng Hye

Cheah Cheng Hye © Getty

Cheah Cheng Hye – dubbed “Goldfinger” and the “Asian Warren Buffett” – is the co-founder and chairman of Hong Kong-based Value Partners Group.

The world’s greatest investors: Audrey Ryan

Audrey Ryan

Like many ethical managers, Audrey Ryan’s portfolio tilts toward small and mid-caps and growth companies.

The world’s greatest investors: Julie Dean

Julie Dean

Julie Dean seeks out companies with varying sensitivity to the economic backdrop.

The world’s greatest investors: Chris Sacca

Born in May 1975, Chris Sacca started his own venture-capital firm, and has made frequent appearances on America’s version of Dragons’ Den.

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