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Trump imposes sanctions on Iran – but does it matter?

Donald Trump has imposed sanctions on Iran. But the measures are unlikely to achieve much. Matthew Partridge reports.

Climate change: on course for “Hothouse Earth”

An alarming report warns that climate change threatens mankind’s existence. Emily Hohler reports.

What Dr Copper is telling us about China’s tough balancing act

The price of copper has tumbled as China’s leaders struggle to keep their economic plan on the road. John Stepek explains why that matters for your money.

A ceasefire in the trade war

There are doubts over whether Trump’s EU deal will last. Matthew Partridge reports.

Has the EU-US trade war really been cancelled?

Matthew Partridge talks to John Springford of the Centre for European Reform about Trump’s trade war with the EU, and whether the current detente can continue.

The slump in emerging markets is a great buying opportunity

Fears of another 1990s-style crisis are overblown: developing countries are now more resilient to external threats and less dependent on rich countries’ business cycles, says Rupert Foster. They also look cheap.

The charts that matter: bitcoin, Facebook – and Japanese bond yields

John Stepek looks how moves the bitcoin price, Facebook’s share price and in the Japanese government bond market this week affect the charts that matter to the global economy.

How China’s shifting monetary policy could fuel a final surge for global markets

China is moving away from reducing debt to focus on external problems. That could mean loosening monetary policy – and a rebound in market sentiment.

Where will the next financial crisis start?

The resurgence of “covenant lite” or “cov-lite” loans could spell trouble, says Marina Gerner.

Is Trump a traitor?

The Helsinki summit continues to raise questions about the US president. Emily Hohler reports.

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