Global economy

Expect global trade tensions to get worse before they get better

Despite fears about a global trade war, things aren’t too bad yet. But increasing tension between the US and China could soon change that, says John Stepek.

Why China is set to hit the Great Wall of Debt

The engine of global growth is set to slow sharply and that will have implications for investors all around the world, author Dinny McMahon tells Merryn Somerset Webb.

Trump’s trade tirade rattles stocks

Donald Trump’s bluster has given markets around the world the jitters, says Andrew Van Sickle.

Shield your portfolio from the monetary singularity

Quantitative easing has inflated property, share and bond markets alike. The end of this great monetary experiment threatens to blow black holes in balance sheets everywhere, warns Jonathan Compton.

Supranational agencies need to start listening

If supranational organisations, such as the European Union, don’t start listening to their members, they won’t last long, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

We’re heading ever closer to all-out trade war

Donald Trump has slapped another $200bn-worth of tariffs on Chinese goods. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the move, and what a trade war would mean for investors.

America pushes back in South China Sea

Tensions mount in the South China Sea as China pushes its claim to sovereignty over the islands.

Italy’s Aquarius refusal presages a tense summer

The row over the MV Aquarius is a sign of a split opening up between European countries.

Trump meets Kim: what was achieved?

Little of substance, say some. But Trump may be playing a longer and cannier game. Emily Hohler reports.

How to invest as Trump ushers in a new world order

US president Donald Trump is tearing up the rules and putting America first – which is just what his voters wanted him to do. John Stepek explains what that means for your money.

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