Global economy

China fires a warning shot as the trade war escalates

China’s currency, the yuan, has weakened significantly against the dollar. That suggests the trade war will only get worse, says John Stepek. Here’s what it means for you.

James Montier: MMT could be worth a try

MMT is doing a better job of providing insights into the functioning of the modern economy than conventional neoclassical economics, says James Moniter of GMO.

The return of the trade war sparks panic in markets

Donald Trump’s latest skirmish in his trade war with China has sent stockmarkets tumbling. John Stepek looks at how China could respond, and what it means for the global economy and for your money.

Which countries sell citizenship and how much it costs

Fancy living in a European capital, or gaining citizenship of a Caribbean island? If you have deep enough pockets, the world is your oyster, says Alex Rankine.

How the shipping container created today’s global economy

Shipping containers standardised many aspects of trade, allowing globalisation to flourish and radically changing the world we live in. Hector Reid looks into the story behind the metal boxes, and explains how they work.

BlackRock is wrong: nationalising capitalism is a bad idea

Asset manager BlackRock thinks the ECB should start buying equities. But that would distort pricing signals; be anti-free markets; and would be almost impossible to unwind, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The next race to the moon begins

Fifty years ago man landed on the moon – a remarkable technological achievement that seemed to portend great changes. Those transformations didn’t come. They might yet, says Simon Wilson.

The materials challenge – from linear to circular

Plastic pollution is now one of the top global priorities. But while dealing with this situation is vital, a more nuanced look at the broader materials sector can reap additional rewards for investors, says Mike Appleby of Liontrust.

Nouriel Roubini: recession is certain

Nouriel Roubini, described by Bloomberg as a “renowned doomsayer”, is concerned that we are heading for a global recession next year.

The charts that matter: a quandary for the Fed

The yield curve is putting pressure on the Federal reserve to cut interest rates. But the economic data doesn’t support that. John Stepek looks at what the charts that matter most to the global economy are saying this week.

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