Global economy

Nafta deal: throwing sand in the global trade engine

The revamped Nafta deal between the US and Mexico does little to support global trade. In fact, it may do the opposite.

Time to get tough on Myanmar

Nothing has changed in Myanmar since it began to emerge from military rule in 2011. It’s time for the rest of the world to take a stronger line.

Albert Edwards: winter is coming to the markets

US markets are heading for a collapse that could put the long-term future of the global financial system in danger, says Societe Generale’s Albert Edwards.

Modern capitalism and the rise of the bullshit job

Modern capitalism was supposed to deliver productivity gains, efficiency and unimagined wealth for all. Why then are so many of us labouring away at pointless work? Stuart Watkins reports.

Chart of the week: the Venezuelan refugee exodus

The Venezuelan refugee crisis is becoming one of the world’s biggest, comparable with the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the migration of Syrians fleeing war.

Betting on politics: battling for the Riksdag

With the Swedish elections coming up, Matthew Partridge looks at who is odds-on favourite to win.

Ramaphosa forges ahead with land grab

South Africa gears up for land reform. Matthew Partridge reports.

Venezuela’s hocus-pocus plan

A new cryptocurrency can’t stop a humanitarian crisis. Matthew Partridge reports.

Australia purges another prime minister

Scott Morrison – a man unknown to almost half of Australians – has become the nation’s new prime minister.

US-China trade tensions worsen

A new round of US trade tariffs on $16bn-worth of Chinese imports kicked in last week, and Beijing retaliated with levies on the same amount of American goods.

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