Global economy

The charts that matter: US bonds make a break for it

With the US economy continuing to grow apace, John Stepek looks at all the charts that matter, including the all important bond yields.

Iran’s empty court victory

The International Court of Justice ruled that the US should ease sanctions on Iran, says Alex Rankine. But the judgement is unlikely to change White House policy.

We’ve spent our entire lives in a massive economic anomaly

Massive population growth, fiat money and ever-present inflation make the last 60-odd years unique in history. Can this continue? You may be surprised, says John Stepek.

Betting on politics: taking over from Turnbull

Matthew Partridge looks at the contenders to take over as MP in former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s constituency.

Macron fails to deliver

France’s golden boy is rapidly losing his shine. Matthew Partridge reports.

Modi fights back on corruption claims

India’s prime minister is facing calls to resign over his government’s dealings with French defence company Dassault.

How on earth are we going to get rid of all of this debt?

The world’s governments are swimming in debt. Which is just about manageable with ultra-low interest rates. But that won’t last, says Dominic Frisby. The day of reckoning must surely come.

Ten years on, the debt bubble is bigger than ever

Ten years after a financial crisis caused by too much debt, the world has an even higher debt load.

Oil makes a break for the summit

Oil prices reached four-year highs of around $80 this week. And the fundamentals of the market point to even higher prices in the short term.

Brussels stands up to Orbán

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán suffers a humiliation at the hands of the European Parliament.

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