Global economy

North Korea threat propels Abe to decisive victory

Shinzo Abe’s tough stance on North Korea has won him support at the polls.

Italian regions vote for autonomy

While the the Catalonia secession crisis continues in Spain, centrifugal forces in Italy are gaining momentum.

The populist revolt is far from over in Europe

A new problem has cropped up in eastern Europe – a pro-Russia billionaire named Andrej Babis.

The sun is rising on Japan’s stocks

The Nikkei index has promptly claimed off the back of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s success at the polls.

A “Minsky moment” for China

The outgoing chairman of the People’s Bank of China warned that excessive optimism could lead to a sharp correction in the markets.

Score attractive profits from the global growth of the beautiful game

Football has become a multi-billion-pound business in recent decades – and European leagues’ popularity in emerging markets means there’s more to come, says Matthew Partridge.

A country that is safe and not expensive

Political stability usually comes at a price these days, says Merryn Somerset Webb. But there is one country where investors needn’t pay over the odds.

What Sweden’s wobbly housing market can tell us about bubbles

As property prices in Sweden come off the boil, John Stepek looks for clues as to what will become of Britain’s own inflated housing market.

A lesson from Japan: sometimes snap elections pay off

Theresa May can only watch and weep as her Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe, basks in the glory from his thumping election victory.

Progress still looks way off for Iran

Donald Trump’s threat to ditch the Iran nuclear deal could boost the country’s hardliners. But how does Iran’s political system and economy operate? Alex Rankine reports.

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