Global economy

A climate of positive change?

ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Whatever people’s views are on the current state of capitalism, it is hard to deny that it has created a huge amount of economic growth. But this has come at considerable cost, and we cannot continue developing without tackling these costs.

What have populists ever done for us?

Apart from the wage rises, the jobs, the tax cuts, the rising living standards…

Can Donald Trump really buy Greenland?

The US president’s idea of buying Greenland is not quite as preposterous as it might seem to modern minds, but why buy it when there are so many better options?

The charts that matter: a new hope?

The gap between yields on short and long-dated US bonds turned positive this week, after having briefly turned negative. John Stepek looks at how this affects the charts that matter most to the global economy.

Money Minute, Monday 9 September: the week ahead

Welcome to today’s Money Minute – in which we preview the big stories of the week ahead in just 60 seconds. This week, we see UK unemployment and the European Central Bank’s decision on monetary policy.

Australia's economy could be going under

Australia – the “lucky country”, which has gone 28 years without a recession – may yet run out of luck as its economy falters.

Believe it or not, markets have had a pretty good week

Things seem to be looking up in global markets, with US stocks approaching an all-time high. John Stepek looks at what’s behind the sudden bout of optimism, and where markets might go next.

Japan versus South Korea: Asia’s other trade war

Decades of bickering between South Korea and Japan are feeding an increasingly nasty trade dispute.

Money Minute, Wednesday 4 September: eurozone retail data and Canadian inflation

In Wednesday’s Money Minute, we preview July’s retail sales data for the eurozone and Canada’s latest decision on interest rates.

Money Minute, Tuesday 3 September: US and European manufacturing figures

Welcome to Tuesday’s Money Minute, in which we preview the big stories of the day in just 60 seconds. Today, we get the latest manufacturing figures from the eurozone and the USA.

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